Dark haired woman sleepingWhen you spend enough time doing something, it’s likely to stick in your subconscious mind and manifest itself in your dreams.

Do you dream of voice overs?
Hear about one voice talent, Lisa Foster, whose radio experience won’t leave her alone!

I Dream of Radio…

When glancing at some Facebook status updates, I noticed that my friend Lisa Foster had updated hers to say that she “is having ‘radio’ dreams again… the microphone won’t work, my news scripts aren’t ready, I missed my cue, and the buttons don’t work! What does that mean?!??”
Good question. What does that mean?

Do You Dream of Voice Acting?

Maybe you’ve had similar dreams such as the recording session that never ends.
Perhaps you’ve been visited by past sessions, present sessions, or recording sessions yet to come!
It’s possible that you might have recurring dreams where you are repeating the same actions over and over, or for that matter, recording the same script over and over again.
More interesting still, you may even narrate your own dreams… now there’s a thought!

Do You Have a Voice Acting Dream to Share?

If you’ve been having voice over related dreams, whether you’re a voice actor or a fan, I’d love to hear about them!
Looking forward to hearing your stories,
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  1. Hey Steph,
    Yes, I’ve had similar “nightmares”. A million years ago, when I was the 6 to midnight disc jockey at a small market radio station on the out skirts of Lima, Ohio, I would have the same nightmare just about every night. That the record (yes we had records back then!) would run out while I was in the bathroom. And I was locked in!!!
    So, when I needed a bathroom break – I would play “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” (17 minutes five seconds) at about the same time every night. I wanted to be sure I had ample time to get back on the air! A direct result of my recurrent dream. Finally, the station manager called me and asked what my problem was. Sure he liked Iron Butterfly too but to play that song every night was crazy. After all the farmers only wanted their crop reports. He said he would “fine” me if I played it again and every time afterward!!!!
    Besides some cows and a few goats, the Station Manager was one of the few townspeople to actually listen to the station. From that point on, I would leave the bathroom door open.

  2. Ah yes, my “radio dreams” have remained with me, years during and after my years as a broadcaster. Guess I, like many others I have spoken with in radio have had the same affliction. I think we all remained in fear of the hotline lighting up during our shows and that an irate PD would be on the other end, asking what all that “dead air” was all about. Oh yea, and yes, I’d still have them, despite the fact that I was a PD, too!!!
    Fortunately, in the several years since I’ve been a freelance voice actress, not a single “voiceover dream”, except the one I work on every day while awake.

  3. I have a dream to share !!!
    Once, I was in this room for looking at my friend as a contestance in a radio show… I was there as an audience..as you see..from that day onwards, I longed wanted to be someone like a radio broadcaster…
    It’s just so fun…it was like during a Sunday afternoon, I took a nap, and dreamt that I was really a radio broadcaster…a really cool one…we read out stories..and many more..It is just so fun entertaining the people listening to you..It just gives me happiness, as I have spreaded something to them..a comedy DJ..ha ha …

  4. I did weekends and fill-in shifts on radio for years (never wanted to do full-time radio – too many other things to do) back in the days before CDs. All the songs were on individual carts.
    The PD would pick out my selection of music for my shift and leave it in a large box in the studio. I got to mix it however I wanted – which was cool – but one time I didn’t have enough music to play during my shift and the room with all the music was LOCKED! I ended up digging into the box of music the DJ from the prior shift left behind in order not to repeat any of my songs that shift.
    After that, I would frequently dream of running out of music.
    Prior to that I worked as a Staff Announcer at KFMB-TV where I would dream of clock faces with the hands spinning wildly and digital clocks with the numbers going all kaflooey. My job was to say something when required (this was a LIVE booth announce job) and to keep the station log (when the commercials ran, when the shows started and ended). I must have really hated that part of the job, because I could not for the life of me keep accurate logs – I’d write down 5:45:54 – instead of 4:55:45 – and not see that there was a problem. The Program Manager was not happy with me.
    And prior to that Booth Announce job, I edited film for the station. We had to remove a couple of minutes per each hour show and up to 20 minutes or so out of movies in order to add more commercials. So I was the one who cut out your favorite scene from Star Trek. But that job was so awful (I shared the office with a woman who thought she was reincarnated from Cleopatra and looked like a cartoon character), I would wake up in the middle of the night running from a giant film projector chasing me down the hall.
    But as stated above, since doing VO work full-time, I don’t dream about the biz – either pleasant or otherwise.

  5. Hi Ed, Bob, Kai, and Connie,
    Thank you very much for sharing your stories!
    It’s interesting to hear that working in radio is the source of so many weird (and no doubt anxious) dreams! I’m happy to hear that you are free of those dreams now that you do voice over.
    Could we deduce that voice acting is good for mental health?

  6. Stephanie ~
    This is a strange recurring dream I’ve had for years. Somehow I am employed as a DJ for a radio station which is in a rundown rural area. The control room is a large wooden one-room building which is dirty and in very poor condition structurally.
    Unfortunately, the music library has to be stored in another large open shed which is 200 feet down a sandy hill on which nothing is growing. The reason for this remote storage area is that each song is recorded on a big rock which is so large that only one-at-a-time can be carried back up the hill. The frustrating problem is that these “records” keep ending before I can get the next one up the hill … and I am the only person on the scene. This process continues until I can no longer carry the rocks, am exhausted and finally wake up.
    This evidently is the result of some deep-rooted fear of dead air from my DJ days of long ago. I certainly hope this doesn’t have deeper psychological significance.
    David L Emmons

  7. Hi David,
    Thank you very much for sharing your dream. I hope it flies the coop soon! It’s amazing how some things stay with you. From what I’ve been reading, it would definitely appear as though the real-time aspect of radio (playing songs, staying on track timing wise, etc.) is the cause of much stress for on-air talent and DJs.
    Anyone else being haunted by radio duties in their dreams?

  8. Ahh! Radio dreams! Let’s see… missing remote broadcasts….. forget to schedule part timers….. psycho listeners showing up after dark…. but no work dream was worse than being about 18 years old and working a long shift at McDonald’s, only to go home and spend the next 6 restless hours of sleep dreaming of making Big Macs!

  9. Hi Stephanie,
    In college, I worked as an announcer for a station that played elevator music. It was a great job for studying because the music was programmed in fifteen minute chunks of time and all I had to do was reload the tapes and read weather and news updates. A sister station located in the same building played AC.
    My shift spanned two nights and mornings every weekend from 6 pm to midnight and 6 am to noon. I lived an hour away so instead of driving all the way home just to turn around again I would bring a sleeping bag and crash in the sales offices on the second floor. I depended on the overnight DJ from the sister station as a back up alarm and had many dreams that neither would wake me and “dead air” would prevail. Thankfully, that never happened and I moved on to better air shifts and opportunities.

  10. I imagine I am dreaming these “dead air” dreams because I miss doing voiceovers and am glad that I have started again.
    I still dream that I have forgotten the call letters or am in the wrong room when I hit dead air.
    Never happened that I recall.

  11. I’ve been away from radio since 1999 and I still get Dead Air nightmares; I’ve worked at several stations and the recurring dream happens at the same station; single market pre-computer era, we’re live 24/7 and I can’t find music anywhere in on-air, production or the hallways / no cds, carts, vinyl, nothing. I need therapy.


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