Thumbs Up TeamOn May 7th, 2012 we released the first version of our iOS App.
The iOS App was designed to give talent the opportunity to audition for jobs while on the go, even record an audition with the built in microphone, and clients the ability to review auditions, search the directory, and hire talent right from their mobile device.
Several iterations later, and after exhaustive testing, we’re pleased to announce some changes that we know you’ll be happy about too!
Do you use our iOS app?
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Uploading Files from GarageBand

By far, the most significant change is that you will now have the ability to share files created in GarageBand with the App. Recording in GarageBand first will provide you with the opportunity to use its sophisticated editing capabilities and then share that file with the App.
Once you’ve completed recording your M4A file in GarageBand, it will automatically be converted into a compatible file for the App and sent to the App Files area. From there you can either attach it as an audition for a job or you can add it to the Demo area on your Profile.
Edit demo with edit options - app

Improving the App’s Stability

We’ve made the app stronger! With previous versions there was an issue with it crashing after sending a certain number of auditions. Our app developer has made significant changes to improve the App’s reliability, particularly when saving and converting audio files.

Enhancing the Visual Appeal

We’ve updated the look and feel of the app overall, with special attention to the new play and record buttons, so that it will have a cleaner visual appearance with its flat design.

New to the App?

If you’ve never used the iOS App before, you’re in for a treat!
In addition to clients being able to use it for searching, auditioning, and hiring voice talent straight from the app, talent are also provided with all the tools and features of their account and have with the added ability to record auditions right from the app.
Best of all, it’s free!
Once you’ve downloaded the app from the iTunes Store, Premium and Platinum members can access their accounts from the App just by signing in.
If you’re new to, you can create your account directly from the app and you will be able to access it both on your mobile device and on your personal computer.

When Will the Updated Version be Available?

After a final round of testing for quality assurance, we will be submitting the updates to the Apple App Store early next week. It usually takes one to two weeks to get the green light from Apple.
The updates are optimized for the iOS 7 and preparations are already in place to make it compatible with the upcoming Fall release of iOS 8. The App, version 2.9, will be available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
Keep an eye out on iTunes over the next couple weeks so you can download the newest updates to the iOS App.
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  1. I tried to use the app when I was invited to a private audition. But it wouldn’t let me upload the demo for the client. Is this because I’m a Free member?

  2. So thrilled to read this article this morning! I love the app and am especially excited about it working with Garage Band, AND the improved stability. Nice work, once again,!

  3. Hi Carole,
    The issue you experienced was a glitch in the previous version of the app which should be resolved with the updated version. The temporary solution in this case would be to respond to the job via your personal computer or email customer service for help and we can attach your audition to the job.
    I hope this helps ~!

  4. Very cool. Due to my terrible day job … practically all of my auditions have to be done on the go using my Rode iXY mic and the voices app. Only during actual jobs or maybe during the weekends can I use my better home studio setup. As somebody who also develops IOS apps, I know how tough it can be to keep things up to date with all the updates apple does let alone adding new features … so props to the dev team. 🙂

  5. This is really handy and allows voice-over talents to still keep pace with the challenging world of daytime career and voice-over hobby. This is a brilliant innovation!