When Voiceovers on TV Series Work

Frequently there are TV shows and series that are great shows, but from time to time – sometimes too often – use voiceovers in a way that does not enhance the show. It has been said by some that a show as excellent as Sex and the City or Desperate Housewives use voiceovers that many times don’t work.

They don’t flow. They are too obvious and the shows would be better served without them.

On the other hand, there are shows that use voiceovers in a creative way that enhances the show and draws in the viewer in a fun and unique and even odd way.

One of the shows that has been mentioned a lot when it comes to effective and excellent use of voiceovers is “Dexter.” The main character is “closed” and does not allow others inside. As a result, he makes sure to hide who he is, what he is thinking and what he is capable of. When you are dealing with a homicide analyst/serial killer who works with the police department (Miami) to solve cases, you have a pretty complex guy and a pretty intense series and plots.

If you’re the viewer your emotions are never quite settled when you are looking at a man who has so much to hide, yet, is so integral to figuring out the “who done its” and has some deep-seated and understandable reasons for why he is who he is, thinks how he thinks and does what he does. Add stellar voiceovers to all this and on this series it works.

If you haven’t seen Dexter yet, take a look, if for no other reason than to see an intelligent TV series that uses good plots, a great main character and voiceovers that work.

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