Boy holding a card that says Thank YouWhen is the best time to ask a client for a testimonial about their experience working with you?

On the Power Profiles teleseminar, we covered various aspects of how you can be recognized for your work including feedback ratings and reviews, testimonials, and your client list.
If you already have some testimonials but are looking to obtain more, this article will help!
Learn when the absolute best time to ask for a testimonial is and be sure to take advantage of a free template that details what you can say to your client to receive a testimonial for promotional use.

Can You Put That in Writing, Please?

When is the best time to ask for a testimonial?
We recommend asking a client for a testimonial right after you have delivered the completed audio.
Usually when they reply to confirm receipt of the files they have something nice to say about your work or the experience. This is the best time to get those sentiments in writing to use as a testimonial, with their permission, for promotional purposes, whether it be on your website, as a reference or in your marketing materials.

Template You Can Use to Obtain a Testimonial:

Thank you for your kind words! I really enjoyed working with you, too.
What you’ve said means a lot to me. Can I publish what you’ve shared as a testimonial on my website? Here’s how it would appear:
If you’re agreeable, please let me know.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you again for your business.
Should the client reply in the affirmative, you can then use that testimonial as a reference at for your profile.

Other Ways To Gain Public Acknowledgment

Testimonials and references are a wonderful way to build credibility, however, there are other ways that you can be recognized for your work, including:
1. Getting a Public Feedback Rating and Review
2. Being Featured on the Recently Hired List
3. Submitting your success story to our Buzz Blog at

Feedback Ratings and Reviews and the Recently Hired List
Ratings and Reviews / Recently Hired List are opportunities for publicity and acknowledgment that you receive if a client hires you through These ratings and reviews are public and you don’t have to ask permission to share them as they are available for all to see on the website.

Success Stories
Success stories are open to any customer who has had an experience they’d like to share using our site regardless of if they have used SurePay.
To submit a success story now and get a link to your profile on our Buzz blog, click on the link below. When you are filling out the form, select “Success Story” from the pull down menu when it asks you the “Type” of communication you are sharing with our team:
Looking forward to sharing your good news!
Best wishes,
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  1. I used to be of a mind that you let your work speak for itself. But having a happy customer blow your horn for you is very powerful stuff for marketing.
    Your absolutely right about striking while the iron is hot and the template is a great tool for that.

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    I’ve found that when you ask, you receive – including testimonials. Given that my business is the spoken word, its seemed to make sense to my supporters that they provide their testimonials in audio form. I’ve been blessed to have received a number of audio testimonials that I use on my website.
    If you’re able to take a moment to listen (under the “Clients” navigation tab), I’d enjoy hearing your comments.


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