Lexus has emerged as one of the most popular and recognized luxury car brands in the world, combining the superior craftsmanship of Toyota with all the comforts of a luxury automobile. Since the brand was first introduced in 1989, Lexus has also been known for its commercials and the excellent voice talent Toyota has employed to sell its luxury vehicles.

James Sloyan

Until 2009, James Sloyan provided the voice for the Lexus ads. Sloyan is an accomplished character actor who is also known for the voiceovers he provided for innumerable commercial campaigns. In addition to starring in several recurring roles in the Star Trek franchise, Sloyan has also voiced movie previews and the commercials for Sprint Nextel long distance telephone service. Today he voices commercials for Mitsubishi, one of Toyota’s largest competitors, and has good-naturedly poked fun at Toyota in some of his recent work for his new employer.

James Remar

Beginning in 2009, Toyota hired James Remar to be the voice behind the Lexus brand. Remar has played villains in several films and also had recurring roles as Richard Wright on Sex in the City and as Harry Morgan on Dexter. He has been nominated for his work on Dexter, and is acclaimed for his ability to play intense characters in a manner that is quite believable for the audience.

Toyota and Lexus Choose Accomplished Hollywood Actors

Both of these men were accomplished Hollywood actors before doing voice acting for major corporations like Toyota. Yet this does not mean that these companies are always looking for established talent to read voice over scripts for their commercials. Often, they are just as willing to hire a relatively unknown talent, provided that the actor has the kind of voice for which they are looking. With adequate representation, even those actors who may not be well known can find themselves signing a contract to star in a series of commercials for a large company.

How Voice Actors Find Voice Over Work

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