Welcome to another weekend and joyous celebration of voice over work across the industry and across the globe!
What kind of voice overs have you been recording this week? Share your success stories by leaving a comment.

Now is the time to acknowledge new clients and share news from your studio.
How has your voice been shaping minds, entertainment, and opinions?
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  1. Hi Stephanie,
    Wow a busy week for me, I just joined voices as a paid subscriber and have been busy posting some auditions, plus my usual gigs with messages on hold, regional radio ads and so on (Hey a girls gotta eat!) I am hoping my foray into the international marketplace launches my career in the games, audio books, animations, film narration direction (ha like every other VO pro). But hey you gotta be in it to win it!

  2. Definitely a different kind of week for me! I’m in Houston and we’re still suffering the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. Even though I don’t have power or internet back, I’m one of the lucky ones! No major damage, only one huge pine tree down that didn’t damage us, but fell in our neighbor’s driveway smashing their car! Ouch!
    We are on generator power and I’m writing today from a friend’s computer who has had power and internet restored. I may not have power and internet until after Thursday according to the power company maps.
    That being said, I still managed to record an American Airlines radio spot via ISDN the other day due to our generator power and ISDN lines working. I was also able to record a pharmaceutical narration, load it onto a flash drive and take it to my friend’s computer to upload! A large telephone system recording is being done the same way.
    I’ve skipped most auditions due to the delay in being able to view, print or copy leads to my flash, take home to record and then bring back to upload, but obviously, I’ve still managed to stay in business!

  3. Stephanie:
    This Week I booked 2 Projects Thru VOICES.COM
    One For “TX MEDIA”.. is on hold because they were in
    the Hurrican in Houston!
    My Other Project a Major! one is with “MEDIA BOX STUDIOS”
    Also this week worked on Several Voice Projects
    for “Voices.now”
    I;m Proud to say I;m STILL NUMBER ONE!on the VOICES.
    COM FAVORITES LIST Week After Week!
    Joe Mc Millan

  4. Stephanie,
    It’s the weekend and I’m making it a point to check in at Voices.com. Just read Melanie’s comments about the challenges she’s faced due to Hurricane Ike. It still amazes me how this new technology can open doors for all of us inspite of life’s ups and downs. Congratulations to Melanie on landing the work and keeping a positive outlook.
    Thanks to Voices.com, I landed a TV commercial thru a Chicago advertising agency this week. Also, I attended a great panel discussion at the LA City Hall, “Women In Business” hosted by Laura Chick, City Controller for Los Angeles. Five prominent Los Angeles women/ business entrepreneurs shared their different perspectives and expertise. There were several key points they made, but one that is memorable to me is simply for us all to help each other. I believe that is what you are, indeed, doing here Stephanie at Voices.com. The other key point made by the panel was to have various income sources. Collectively then, one can draw from all resources to have good earning potential. Again, thanks for Voices.com to be one of those resources for my family.
    Have a great weekend.
    Rita Pardue, Owner
    Angel Wings Productions
    Los Angeles, CA

  5. Hi, I’m in the UK and this week has certainly been different for me. I usually have a mountain of telephone greetings to record, but this week, it seems to have switched, and 90% of my work has been for corporate presentaions, must be a ripple effect of the credit crunch, businesses desperate to get heard. Hope it stays this way, after the credit crisis is over, I love doing corporate narration.

  6. This past week’s work included a national radio book promo for The 7th Victim on Vanguard/Perseus books, a phone system project with custom music I compose, an episode narration of the 2008 race season of “Drift Style” for RUSH HD Network, Pick ups for a promo on the city of Shanghai for Golden Harvest Films (Legendary Raymond Chow’s Kung Fu Film Company), and on Monday I record for Warner Brothers Studios VIP Tours.

  7. Hi Stephanie!
    I just wanted to share a story from this week’s recording sessions. I got a new client, a production company in Ohio. I was hired for my British accent to do a national spot for a joint pain medicine. There were several folks in on the conference call to listen in “real time,” including the client. So, the production company asked if I could be “in character” for the call. Turns out, it lasted thirty-five minutes and the client now thinks I’m that “nice British lady” who does their spots. I wonder if anyone else has been asked to be “in character” for an entire session?? I’d love to know how it worked out!

  8. I was working this past week on a project for the Portland Rescue Mission. A :60 radio spot and a :30 TV spot for an ongoing campaign. It stretched me a bit as I had to translate the spot into Spanish for them and voice it in Spanish as well as English. It was a fun challenge and landed me some ongoing work with the client. Thanks Voices.com!


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