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What have you been up to this week?
Share your voice over work stories and find out what your fellow voice actors have been recording in this first “Who Got The Gig” feature.

Voice Over Work

In this big wide world there are thousands of voice over jobs being done each and every day.
Once a week, you have the opportunity to chime in and let the voice over community know about what’s been going on in your business.

What Has Kept You Busy?

Maybe you’ve been doing some commercials, started on a hefty narration project or landed the voice of a character in a new animated series or videogame.
Perhaps you recorded for a medium or application that was new to you, worked with another voice actor on a project, or were challenged vocally and reached heights you didn’t know were possible.

Let Us Know!

We’d love to hear about any tidbits and celebrate these victories with you.
So, who got the gig?

Leave a comment!

Best wishes,

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  1. Hi Stephanie!
    I just did a phone advertising campaign for a client, in which my voice will be calling professionals in the video production industry to tell them about his newest product. It’s a 30 second spot, but I figure on average most people will hear only the first five or six seconds of it. Yep, it’s a great feeling knowing that my voice is being “hung-up” on all over the country. At least I made some money doing it!
    All the best to you and the fine folks at Voices.com!
    Tom Conklin

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    I appreciate your adding this topic. I posted on my blog recently, http://voice-over-studio.blogspot.com, wondering if voices.com could add an official section to the site where the actual winning auditions and proposals to leads would be posted – with or without the talents’ names – just to give everyone some idea of how our auditions and proposals fell short or just didn’t match up with what the client was looking for.
    It would seem to be a very useful tool in the audition process, of course, keeping in mind how subjective the process can be.

  3. It was a RED LETTER DAY here at Silver Tongued Angels. We got our first job on VOICES.COM. We have worked hard, taken advice from your staff and it really feels good.
    My hat’s off to all the good people at Voices.com. You have provided blogs, newsletters, books, articles and even personalized help. When I really needed help, you folks took a look at my information and my profile and made a few KEY suggestions.
    Well it made all the difference. Our first job was not a trailer for the next “Terminator” film so Don will sleep well tonight…. but it was a great Narration job for us that fits my Voice to a “T”.
    Thanks for everything…. I am so stoked!!!
    David Rodwell

  4. Hi Tom, Melanie and David,
    Thank you for commenting in this inaugural post for Who Got the Gig!
    First off, Tom and David, a hearty congratulations to you both. I’m very pleased to hear about your success.
    Melanie, thank you for sharing your idea. The “Recently Hired” list at Voices.com on the homepage is a good indicator of who is getting work at Voices.com using SurePay. Due to confidentiality reasons, we can’t reveal the particulars of a given job publicly or the winning bid, proposals, etc.
    Somewhere you could watch for success stories that may give you a little more information is the Buzz Blog found here:
    Success stories are published on Buzz as well as customer testimonials and client feedback through case studies of jobs posted at Voices.com.
    Looking forward to hearing from more of you and discover what you’ve been up to!
    Best wishes,

  5. Hello Vox Daily….
    I got the gig!
    I’ve been hired by an innovative team in Ireland that is creating a website for travelers to check out what’s hot in various cities in the US (so far). I am in NYC, but being across the big pond hardly matters!
    Thank you Voices.com!
    Debbie Irwin

  6. A few really cool gigs for me in 2008 keeping busy with many voice projects but a few highlights are the new hit TV series True Pulp Murder where I act as narrator aired on 5 networks such as Global, Mystery TV and more each sat night at 10:30. Also one of the newest voices for Swiss Chalet and I was lucky enough to be chosen for the announcer position for the Juno Awards preshow.
    A fantastic booking on Voices.com for a voice prompting service fulltime paying extremly well each month. A fulltime voice job who would have guessed it. I’ve also launched my new website http://www.debsvoice.com Or http://www.micnme.com And I am keeping very busy coaching across Canada and into the US for the Mic & Me winter tour.
    Deb munro

  7. Hey Steph!
    This was a great week of work for me. The busiest in the last year. Funny thing is, I got a gig from a gig (Internal referral), and a gig that I auditioned for a month and a half ago, finally called and came through. Although I haven’t had anything from voices.com yet, it is a good reminder to myself that just because I didn’t hear anything back right away, doesn’t mean I didn’t get the gig.

  8. Hi Stephanie & gang,
    “Who got the Gig” is a nice new addition.
    I had another good week with Voices.com. I always like to say I use this service to find new clients not jobs. This week I hooked up with a client that looks like they will need hundreds of short testimonial voice overs. Also I was rejected by an agency. Their client picked another voice but the agency said they may have other work for me down the road. It may be nothing, but it’s always great to hear and more times than not contacts like that do develop into work.
    Speaking of “clients”, two of my biggest clients sent me more work this week. One in Texas and one in India. I originally connected with both clients through Voices.com over a year ago and although the work no longer comes directly through voices.com I still regard it as work this website delivered to me.
    So, to make a long post longer… Thanks to Voices.com for the gigs. I also want to say, I really appreciate the “friendly” attitude of all the communications & services that come from Voices.com.
    All the best,
    David K. Jones

  9. Hey Debbie, Deb, Tom and David,
    Congrats all around! I’m thrilled to hear your news and appreciate your enthusiasm for the site.
    We love hearing these success stories and look forward to each weekly installment to come 🙂
    Tom, thank you for noting that just because you don’t hear back from a client immediately doesn’t mean that you didn’t get the gig.
    I’ve heard similar stories where even months later clients contact talents who auditioned for them to move ahead with a contract. Sometimes things get held up on their end, especially if they are working with other companies or are waiting on a team member to complete part of their task first.
    Bravo gang!
    Keep the comments coming,

  10. Great topic gang. All week I’ve been up to my butt in furniture and stereo store commercials. So much so I’m starting to eat, breath and sleep…”NO payments, NO money down OAC” !!!
    Cheers to you all

  11. It’s been a full week here at the studio! I’m producing a huge narration project for a new client, which was voiced by the client (and he was awesome! I told him he missed his calling as a voice artist). Anytime I work on someone else’s voice, I learn so much about my own performances, and how I can either improve them at the recording stage, or edit them in post (I rattle on a little more about this at my blog at http://svmpodcasts.blogspot.com/. Would love to hear other editors’ thoughts!).
    We also got rehired by a return client from last year, which is allowing us to work with other Voices.com voice artists (who we’ve worked with before, AND new ones!). I hope everyone else is enjoying as much work AND fun!

  12. Hi Bryan and Dana,
    Thank you for commenting and sharing your news!
    Dana, it’s so good to hear that you network with other voice actors at Voices.com and give them opportunities to help you complete projects for your clients. That’s definitely something that you all should be taking advantage of!
    There’s no better place to find such talented and professional voice actors to work with 😉

  13. I just did a PSA for the State of Louisiana. Although, I got it from my own contacts, Voices.com certainly prepared me for the gig. I’ve been expanding my abilities weekly by challenging myself to audition for new and interesting styles. I love the ease of the format.
    I haven’t nailed one yet from voices.com but I’m optimistic. It would be great if I could get a few suggestions as to how to break through on Voices.com.
    Bryan Anthony

  14. Although I picked up this gig last November, it stemmed from the client hearing me here on Voices.com. I’m now on a long term contract with them doing voice prompts for their various telephone social networks.
    Becoming a member of Voices.com was one of the best career moves that I’ve made so far. Keep doing what you do!

  15. Hey Stephanie!
    My very first voices.com job was so cool! It was just a one liner but very intense… a seance scene of a murdered girl from Ireland! I got to play around a little with my theatrical side and try on a new accent! I love this business!
    Thank you!!
    Risa Rae


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