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It looks like there has been a lot of activity in VO Land lately and you know I’m absolutely ready to hear about it!
What have you been up to this week?

I’ve heard that the month of April has been good to many VO folk.

What kind of voice acting work did you record this week?

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  1. Got a gig through Voices.com for an AOL training course. That gig has led to another one by the same production company for a Capital One project. Voices.com has been very good to me this month!

  2. I recorded a couple of characters for a video game this week. Can’t tell you the game yet (NDA), but this was with a new producer/director who say they’ll be calling me for future work – wheee!
    Also got to chat with Gary Owens during a break between sessions at the studio. Very nice guy and an amazing voice.

  3. Hi Stephanie and everyone,
    Although I’ve not had a new job through Voices.com for quite awhile, clients I’ve done work for through Voices.com have come back again and again and have provided me with some steady work.
    I do a podcast for Verizon once a quarter, and now they are coming back every other month; I sold a new baby product that will air at trade shows and on the Internet; and my very favorite was for a sci-fi animated character. I did four movie trailers for the film back in November, and in April they said they’d be back for me to do the actual character. The animated film is through the eyes of a British middle-aged warrior some years in the future during the “Fourth Great War.”
    The woman I portrayed had become part human, part machine, and as she heads up raids and unthinkingly mows down scores of people, she questions whether she still has any human qualities left. It was an absolutely fantastic project and I can’t wait to see the final product!

  4. Continue to voice many books for both Adults and Children.
    Lots of voices included and very happy with the results.
    Ron Knowles
    Anacortes, Washington.

  5. Hi Stephanie — I booked my first job through Voices.com on Monday. It was a .30 and .60 radio spot for Columbia Water and Light. The lead was for an Alice Kravitz-type voice. The spots started to air in the Columbia, Missouri area on Thursday, April 10.
    Arlene Kahn

  6. Although I have not booked a gig through Voices.com yet, the instructional video “Interpersonal Skills for Entrepreneurs” which I narrated for the Bertolon School of Business at Salem State College was released this week. I have posted a portion of it on my site.

  7. Hi Stephanie and Gang!
    I was recently picked to be the signature voice for a new outdoors TV show coming this summer. The show is “Inshore Fishing With Super Dave.” I’ve done some work with Dave already on two previous direct-to-DVD shows (last year). Look (or listen) for me on Fox Sports Southwest very soon! Although I did not get this gig through Voices.com, I wanted to share the good news!

  8. Hey, Stephanie!
    I love Voices.com and will never, ever leave! I have gotten a TON of gigs since signing on a year ago. In the past two months alone I have landed:
    A prestigious East Coast hospital system (4 :60’s and 4 :30’s)
    A client from Germany (web audio – 2 spots)
    An online tutorial for a bio-med corporation and
    Regions Bank (tv spot for kids — doing the voice of C. More Money!)
    Plus many repeat clients.
    Voices.com is my new best friend! The only “negative” is that I wish that the clients I have worked with would use SurePay–because I never make it on “the list”. Oh, well…still not a bad trade-off!

  9. Wow everyone!
    Congratulations on jobs well done 🙂
    I’m very happy to hear about all of your successes this week and hope to hear about more tomorrow on the next edition of Who Got the Gig.
    Fabulous – you people are absolutely fabulous!
    P.S. Cira, thanks so much for sharing! I’m sure you’ll get on the list soon 🙂

  10. Hi Steph,
    This (MAY) be a good month. Just finished an image campaign for an AM Radio Station’s change to all talk. Just did a campaign, writing and voicing a series of commercials for a new club opening here.
    take care
    Lou Christian


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