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TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday!
I’m sure you have a lot to share with me today and I can’t wait to hear all about what you’ve been up to this week.
But first, did you go to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit earlier this year (2008)? The voice of Mitch Phillips did and was featured in a presentation for Hyundai. Find out more in this short but sweet interview.
Once you’re done reading please leave a comment and share some news about the work you’ve been up to!

Where did your voice take you this week?

VOX: How did you get the gig?
MITCH: I had worked with Gary Rivera and Ed Bernard at CDG LA (Creativdesign Group Inc) in the past on other Hyundai presentations including mall kiosks and other related stuff. CDG reached out to me to voice the presentation at the Detroit Auto Show for the debut of the new Hyundai Genesis. I was more than happy to work with them on it – besides the car looks really sharp!

VOX: Have you worked for Hyundai before?
MITCH: Not directly for Hyundai, but for CDG.

VOX: Was the voice over specifically for that video or is the company using the voice over in broadcast commercials and other applications such as Internet too?
MITCH: The video was a special project targeted for the auto show debut of Hyundai’s newest car. I would guess that the main theme: “At Hyundai, we build cars for people who deserve more” will carry over into other media in the overall marketing of the Genesis. It’s really a radical approach, marketing luxury at a much more affordable price.

VOX: Did you record the voice over before seeing the footage or were you able to see what you were narrating during the recording process?
MITCH: No footage was provided. Just a script and some really good direction as to the mood, pacing and emphasis on all the important features. All done via phone patch and mp3 with a few tweaks and revisions. I was lucky in the sense that we were able to find the right vibe for me and the read pretty fast, so the session was completed in a rather compact amount of time.

VOX: Did you record the voice over from your own studio? If not, where did you do the recording?
MITCH: Yes – I record 99.9% ¦. OK, to be totally honest, 100% of my voice tracks from my home studio facility. I’ve been tracking commercials, broadcast imaging, and everything in between, for almost 20 years from my own studios. Before the age of MP3 in fact. Makes me feel old.

VOX: Were you able to get to the auto show? If so, did you witness your own voice over?
MITCH: Unfortunately no. They do not let me out of here. Please help.
Gotta love Mitch’s sense of humor 😉

What kind of voice over work did you do this week?

Leave a comment below and let’s get this party started!
Best wishes and happy weekend,


  1. Hey all..
    This week my voice took me to a spot with Martha Stewart for her new boutique for 1800 flowers.com. 🙂
    I hope all are healthy and happy! 🙂

  2. Hi guys.
    On Wednesday, I was asked to do the VO for a golf course in Myrtle Beach called “The Witch”. What was great about it (besides the very fun to read script) was that originally the client hadn’t wanted a female voice at all – until he was played my demo. Apparently that changed his mind. 🙂 I completed the project in my home studio the same day they told me they wanted me for the spot and they were very happy with the final results. Always nice to hear! Hope to be doing lots more in the near future!

  3. I just got a gig on Friday from a local University who saw my ad on Voices.com and called me! So my advertising dollars are at work which is VERY nice to know!! I like you guys better than the OTHER voice site, which tells you to be picky about what you audition for. You should audition for EVERYTHING you fit the profile for!! What if Broadway actors only tried out for a few things instead of EVERYTHING? They’d be waiting tables and bartending for a LONG time!

  4. I just finished recording the audio book of “Compulsive Acts” a book about people with obsessive or compulsive disorders written by a professor at Stanford. I had a 7 hour marathon editing session today to finish it in time for them Monday. I love the chance to work and learn at the same time.

  5. One of the projects that I had the privilege of doing this past week was the narration for the yearly Awards ceremony for Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals (Claritin-Tinactin-etc.). This was the second time that I’ve done this narration which ran about 15 minutes. The first time was in 2007, and I thought it was going to be one of those one shot deals. But, out of the clear blue, they e-mailed me for this year’s presentation.
    While I was struggling a bit with allergies during the recording, the Schering-Plough rep, who was on a phone patch, asked if I wanted some Claritin. Funny corporate guy!

  6. Well hello fellow voices!
    Thankfully February is over and that March and April have proven to be much more to my liking! I always seem to have no memory of the bad months until they happen again. Thru Voices this year, I have acquired what appears to be a very good, repeat client! I’ll be taking care of radio, TV and On hold’s for Red Door Media. Gotta love the fact that they too have “RED” in their name! 🙂 I had a repeat client from last year, Lyons and Associates, who used me for the same client again and brought a new one in to the fold…a national TV ad for Caesar Stone Quartz Surfaces!! Woo hoo! I also did an on hold promotion for a cable company in Canada.
    Here’s to doing what we love!!!!
    Kelli Casey
    “Pick The RED One!!”

  7. Hi, everybody–
    I’d like to direct your attention to http://www.dilbert.com. Yes. That Dilbert. The one who dwells in an office cubicle, copes with a clueless boss, and talks to a dog that looks suspiciously like himself.
    Dilbert’s website has launched short, animated versions of the comic-strips. I am fortunate enough to have been cast as the voice of two key characters: Dilbert and his boss! This is a great opportunity for me, as well as a privilege and an honor.
    The producers found me on Voices.com! They contacted me directly. Following that, there was an audition process. And now here we are!
    If you are in need of a laugh or a smile today, I encourage you to take a moment and view the new animated shorts at http://www.dilbert.com. Besides, the more people that watch, the longer I have this gig!
    Thanks Voices.com!


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