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What Kind of Voice Over Work Did you Do This Week?

Let us know by commenting and sharing some a story about your most recent set of gigs!

Were You Rockin’ the Mic?

Add your comments below and let’s get this party going!
Best wishes from Buffalo,
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  1. Hi Stephanie!
    I was once again happy to be able to work with one of my daughters on a voiceover job. We both had roles in a real estate commercial. Another really neat project was narration for a video that welcomes visitors to The National Museum of Patriotism. Continued work for XM Satellite with ID Stronghold and I finished up the week with a narration for PNC Global Investing and some PSA’s for the humanitarian relief organization, Samaritan’s Purse.

  2. A couple of months ago, I had been hired to work on some demo spots that were being made for a client. The session went really well and I know that the producer and writer were happy with me.
    Last week, auditions were held for the spots that are to be aired. It occurred to me, after I auditioned, that I could have been upset that they didn’t just call me back to record the spots that were going to air! But, in a rare case of letting something that could upset me just roll off my back, I remained calm, and understood that maybe the client wanted to see what else what out there for voices.
    Here’s the good news….they rehired me!
    That made my day!

  3. Hi,
    This week I listened instead of speaking. I was at Voice 2008 in Los Angeles. Wow! It was so inspiring. Today we’re updating our voice demos and we’re cranking up the volume on our marketing. Presenters like Bob Bergen and Richard Horvitz were fantastic! There were so many great ideas I took away from this, but my favourite is: think of each piece of copy as a story. In fact, don’t even call it copy. Before you even pick up your next assignment think of it as picking up a story.
    It changes your read before you even start. I’m just finishing a huge writing assignment for Knowledge Network – 250 scripts – and that is changing the way I write them. There were so many more things, but I’m still processing. I’d recommend this event to anyone. I know I’m going to try to go next year!
    Pam Jones, North Vancouver, BC

  4. Stephanie!
    I did a presentation for “THE MANDAUE CHAMBER OF
    also a Major phone message project for
    “QUALITY IRRIGATION” in Colorado
    AND a CANCER INSURANCE WEBSITE audio presentation!
    for a Company in Tenn.

  5. Hey Stephanie!
    I did a 30 second spot this past week for a business breakfast in Albany, New York. Not a banner week, but something is better than nothing. I’m working out the details on a liner package for a podcast now. ATTENTION: I will work for gas money!!!
    Tom Conklin

  6. Hi Stephanie,
    This week I went to Kuala Lumpur where I voiced Omar and Zahir in an animated Malaysian production of Salidin.
    Last week was a Dole Banana spot for a radio tie in to “Space Chimps” which just opened here in Singapore. I was an unfortunate Astronaut who slips on a banana peel while exploring a distant planet. Go figure.
    I also voiced a Russian soccer club owner for an ESPN commercial.
    It’s been a good couple of weeks.
    Take Care,

  7. Hey Stephanie,
    This was actually a really good week! I was able to land 4 internet commercials, a video narration for Axxiom Manufacturing a radio spot for an Acura dealer in New Jersey, and a little custom music production for a animated logo/intro for a keynote speaker. All great projects and great clients! I’m a lucky duck!
    All the best – Tony

  8. Landed a couple of interesting gigs this week. One was doing an impersonation of Russell Crowe in Gladiator. I think that’s the first time I’ve seen a request for that… they usually want Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones. 🙂 The other was a job through for a National TV spot for a Nascar Toy Track (which my 5 year old son would love… and I probably would too). They wanted a BIG Nascar/Monster Truck announcer sound… just about lost my voice after the 20 minute directed session… and I had a singing/speaking engagement that night! Tried to gargle a little Alkalol (a suggestion from Joe Cipriano) and then discovered the magical numbing power of Cepacal… felt like I had gone to the dentist… remember that old routine from Bill Cosby… “My bottom lip is on the floor!” Okay, maybe it wasn’t THAT strong… but I was surprised at how much it helped.

  9. Stephanie..
    During Voice 2008 last week, I actually found the time to audition for a project. So, using my laptop and Rode podcaster mic, and throwing a blanket over my head to keep the room echo down, I cut two spots for a company which will air on CNN. Got the job! When I got home the company asked me to do two narrations for their website. This is all thru a production house in Denmark. Click on the movie at
    Late in the week I was asked to do the intro for the Saddleback Church Forum with Warren/Obama/McCain to air tonite (Saturday).
    Also did a narration for a horticulture company in The Netherlands and a financial web page for a company in New jersey. It’s been a better than average week. I am blessed!
    larry wayne

  10. Hi Stephanie,
    Last week I too was at the Voice Conference in LA, also worked there in a staff position as team leader (Saturday), and managed to get some IVRs recorded for a client in Italy, and some MOH stuff for my “regulars”, but I was also hired for a POP DVD for LG electronics.
    Our v/o family is growing and I met so many wonderful and talented voice peeps, and work is picking up. Life’s good. (no pun intended!)
    Success to All,
    Bobbin Beam- Voice Actress and Female Voice Over Talent

  11. Coming up for air this week. Although I just finished an ISDN session this morning, as well as an update for a telephone client. The last couple of weeks have been wall to wall with several long form course narration projects for clients in the US and abroad. Also landed an audition for Hospital commercials in NJ which turned out to be nice high paying gigs! Several last minute ISDN sessions for various clients including several politicals – that’s an area that definitely seems to be picking up! Other sessions for some regulars and new clients for commercials, narrations and telephone work.


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