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Well, hello August!

To bring some closure to the month of July, I’d like to invite anyone who got work last month to leave a comment here describing the kind of voice overs being recorded in the VO community.
We can celebrate with you if you let us know 🙂
Anything goes, so if you spotted some hot jobs and reeled them in, be sure to mention your successes here on VOX Daily.

What kind of voice over work did you do so far this summer?

Looking forward to learning more about what you’ve been up too.
Best wishes,
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  1. July was a good month for voiceovers.
    It started out doing a 60 sec spot for a video production company (which will be ongoing work) then I got a nice gig doing spots and tags for a number of radio stations in northern and midwestern Ontario – that gig was a solid two weeks worth of work!! The best part? The company liked my smooth delivery and natural voice enough that they want to keep me on and will send more work my way!
    Hmmm…wonder what this month will bring?
    Blair Wilson

  2. I’ve just got a corporate job about shoes…shoes for cows. It isn’t that cows have suddenly become fashion conscious (” What do you think of my new Manolos, Prudence ?) – they’re an aid to cows suffering from foot rot. Put on the foot opposite to the infection, the cow can keep the injured foot off the ground.
    I would never have known that if I hadn’t started doing voiceover.

  3. Well I just landed a job with RDR out of PA doing a trucker/cowboy jingle for a product called prepass. I was one of three VO talent that was hired for the job.
    Paul Hernandez, Voice Man

  4. WHAT A WEEK!! Stephanie:
    3 JOBS from VOICES.COM
    Sure Wish I could crack NUMBER ONE!
    Maybe Next week!!
    Have a Super weekend!

  5. For me July saw the most recent batch of work I’ve been doing for Sebastian Professional since April and the publication of a lot of that work on Sebastian’s website ( in the form of some really slick product demonstration/marketing videos. (The really good stuff comes to those who register) And I think this warrants a big thanks to Living in Central Europe, I don’t see all that much English voice-over work – so I maintain a 9-5 “real” job and have taken what has come locally over the years. But now I have a fully equipped home studio and stay up late doing what I really love, and getting airtime with Sebastian’s newest campaign has given me a big boost of enthusiasm and confirmation that the days of that 9-5 job might be numbered.

  6. So we enter the age of the e-textbook – good news for us! Colonial Williamsburg is working on an e-textbook for secondary education American History, and I’m glad to be bringing some of the voices of past to life.

  7. Out of the blue, a home church network from New York City contacted me to voiceover their documentary-style project, recruiting for like-minded people ready to expand the kingdom of God in an international way. With great tools from the podcast, I was able to deliver an easily understandable quote sheet with all the pertinent information (including cost of recuts, which ended up coming in very handy over the 3 or 4 recuts they kept rewriting), and secure the gig and satisfy all their requirements. A very fulfilling experience.
    As an aside, I’d like to mention that the customer service at is top-notch. Everyone is very helpful and keeps me in the know. Thanks.


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