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Who Got the Gig?

I’d love to hear more about what you’ve been doing this week. Anything exciting you’d like to share with the community?
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  1. Hi Stephanie and Crew! Auditions have been in flurries and spurts this week…but it’s been good.
    As I type this I am waiting to send off 15 promos/bumpers just completed for Campbell University Football. My client who makes TV spots for Spahn & Rose Lumber had me doing half a dozen “donuts” for their fall sale. Some work for Sirius-XM Radio, a web promo for 10Thirty Productions and a narration for PNC Global kept it interesting. Also, a lightning protection company project I got through has turned out very nice…they asked me this interesting question: “Now that you have narrated our script, do you better understand how our product works?” I emailed back my response and much to my delight and, quite honestly, my dismay, they asked if I would re-write their script in an easy to understand way as I had explained what I had learned after narrating their copy. So, I sent that off and will be able to invoice for it, and I’m anticipating the call to voice the new script!! Thanks

  2. “Flurries of sports” were part of my week:)
    On Wednesday night I heard from the NFL’s Buffalo Bills that I was selected to provide energetic game recaps during the “Thurman Thomas Show” on affiliates for ABC-TV, Fox TV and Rogers Sportsnet for the 2008 season! Sponsor reads will be completed right after this post.
    Last week I recorded about 2:30 seconds of narration for the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres as we get ready to put out a “Winter Classic DVD.” I also have my first hockey script in front of me for the Shaw-TV coverage of the Western Hockey League season opener for September 18 in Canada.
    I had three projects this week for The Edcomm Group Banker’s Academy, who were recently named “The Best Worldwide Provider of Training to the Banking Industry” by China International Business Consulting (CIBC), the leading market research and strategy organization in China.
    Hope everyone has been enjoying the “Olym-Phelps” from China!
    – Ralph Hass

    You Know The High Energy/Fast Paced!!
    Kind! Thats What I did this week
    for my Friends at “RUTAN INTERACTIVE”
    Plus more Radio Image work for WATD 95.9 Marshfield
    Thank You Everyone!!

  4. Hi Stephanie,
    Been busy auditioning while at the same time keeping my pipes tuned up. This week I voiced a 60 sec spot for a Bed and Breakfast and also got recalled to do some more spots, bumpers, donuts and tags for a dozen radio stations within our great province of Ontario!
    Looks like an even busier week lies ahead for the coming week!
    Blair Wilson

  5. Hi there – Did a “humanize the web” gig where someone visiting a diabetes testing website is greeted by me with a 60 second welcome (in lieu of Wilfred Brimley) . More acting than VO but an interesting new piece of business.
    Next week is announcing live at Deutsche Bank Golf Championship so I will say hello to your fellow Canadian golfer, MIke Weir.

  6. Hi Vox!
    I’ve just landed 2 roles in a new CGI animated series called Alamaya, being produced in Malaysia for a company called SHOCK3D! (I guess they like me in KL). This one is about a young boy who finds himself in a fantasy world occupied by creatures that he’s put together from the torn pages of an Illustrated Animal Encyclopedia. Needless to say, I’m playing creatures.
    I’ve seen some renders and demos and I must say, it’s beautiful. Very nice storybook feel with a watercolor-like pallete of colors.
    My NDA doesn’t allow me to tell much more, but I’ll keep you updated.
    Recording starts in February.
    Take Care,

  7. Emergency audio book was the order of the week. 😀 Got a script on Wednesday morning, asking for asap turn-around. Thankfully, that day and the next had only one out-of-the-house requirement so the timing couldn’t have been better for the project’s completion. Also thankfully, it was a short little project…!

  8. hi, stephanie
    this week saw my first job as a result of an audition through playing “uncle sam” in an animated segment for CurrentTV/ plus, just yesterday alone, i did a “new joisey” wiseguy phone message for a pizza place quickly followed by a put-upon father-of-the-bride radio spot for jewerly chain in fargo. got a surprise call from a studio in nashville that’s had my demo for a year now…resulting in four tv spots for a cancer clinic. and…ended friday with a call booking me for the first time with another agency, as a “walter cronkite” type.
    what a nice way to end a dry spell. the “” win felt especially good.
    thanks for asking.

  9. Whoa! Kudos to everyone on the gigs!
    This week was a first for me – two new video game sessions.
    One for EA, and one for Blizzard.
    Love the work and the people can’t be beat 😉
    Happy Saturday all…

  10. Greetings all! This past week I finalized my first commercial demo and have just posted it on my site! During a break while recording the final takes, the producer asked me to “audition” for another project. As a result of that I was asked to come back in and was “hired” to do an industrial for Dr. Joe Vitale, one of the contributors to “The Secret.” My first real job!! I am told the check is in the mail.
    To those of you that read this column, I would REALLY love to hear your comments on my demo if you would take the time to listen. Thank you.
    Thomas Dunn
    “There are no magic words…There is only magic in your words.” -wtdunn

  11. Hi Stephanie,
    This past week I was chosen to voice another character for Elye Sackmary’s video game with promise of more characters to come! Also voiced 2 characters for a Don’t Mess With Texas Litter Force campaign TV commercial produced by the fine people at Enviromedia.
    Finally I’m in the process of putting some finishing touches on a piece for the Navy that will air locally in RI and at the Smithsonian in DC.


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