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What kind of VO Work have you been doing?

As we head back into the swing of things, let’s do a summer wrap up here and get this party going!

I can’t believe we’ve been doing this column now for 26 weeks!
Thank you all for sharing your gigs and for being a constant encouragement to each other. I love hearing about what you’ve been doing and want to invite you to comment if you’ve never done so before.
Of course, if you’ve commented in the past, you’re more than welcome to continue 🙂

Did You Do Any VO Work You’d Like to Share? Comment!

Best wishes,
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  1. Stephanie
    This was the BEST week I’ve had since going “FULL-TIME”
    with VOICE-OVER work last October.
    1.I did More Liners for “BIG AL” The DJ in Glasgow
    2.More repeat work for Kevin at “ACTIVE IMAGINATION”
    3.More repeat Voice overs for Nick at “PIEPER VIDEO”
    4.2 Spots for HEALTH LIFE.COM
    5.BERMUDA MEDIA used me for their Audio for the 3rd!!
    time this Week!
    6.I also recorded a WEBSITE presentation for LPU
    7.And More spots for Chip at “RUTAN INTERACTIVE”
    Have a GREAT weekend!!!

  2. Out of the blue, a home church network from New York City contacted me to voiceover their documentary-style project, recruiting for like-minded people ready to expand the kingdom of God in an international way. With great tools from the podcast, I was able to deliver an easily understandable quote sheet with all the pertinent information (including cost of recuts, which ended up coming in very handy over the 3 or 4 recuts they kept rewriting), and secure the gig and satisfy all their requirements. A very fulfilling experience. As an aside, I’d like to mention that the customer service at is top-notch. Everyone is very helpful and keeps me in the know. Thanks.

    Just completed (and got PAID for) my First job here at
    The audio director Larson was a kind and gentle soul to someone as nervous as a cat (me).
    Thanks, Voices

  4. Hello there,
    This week included some v/o for : Microsoft’s FRX software, Best Western Santa Barbara, Kona Kai Hotel & Resort San Diego, Royal Performing Arts Academy in New York, Southbay Expressway (San Diego), and Time Warner Cable Los Angeles.
    I was also contacted on an audition I submitted earlier in the Summer on, hired and told to expect the script in early-mid September. Once the audition is out there, you have to forget about it. So, it’s nice to receive those nice messages way after the fact. Hang in there!

  5. Hey there all.. Well this week, I finished shooting an HD long form project, that I’m working on the post now and cutting the entire project together, soundtrack, etc. and all the V/O of course.. for a Large Window company for Southern Oregon/Northern Calif. Whew.. Long form.. 🙂

  6. Stephanie,
    This week I recorded 17 national TV commercials for a health insurance company in the US, eLearning projects for companies in Tennessee and California, TV promo liners for a hospital sponsored broadcast in West Virginia, radio imaging liners for client stations in Florida and California, a flash video sales presentation for a software publisher in California, a training file narration for a production company in Pennsylvania and a web site marketing video narration for a company in New England.
    I also narrated two national television program features, did some “on hold” narrations and two international radio broadcasts for my day job.
    Be well,

  7. Hi Steph!
    This week I recorded tags and commercial jingles for 3 radio stations in Owen Sound, then Wasaga Beach, Goderich, Port Elgin and further north in North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury.
    I also did some voiceover work at Kitchener’s trio of stations for Rogers Communications!
    The company I’m working through says everyone likes my inflection in my delivery and overall voice print.
    Even better…there’s more of the same work for me coming in September!
    Also, that Bed & Breakfast 60 sec spot was a big hit – the client paid cash!
    Blair Wilson

  8. Woohoo!
    I just completed my second job through — FIRST one with SurePay — providing the voice of “The Slotfather” for an online gaming site.
    Excited and encouraged,
    Allen Ellis

  9. This week, did
    2 commercials for a women’s health care program
    3 narrations
    and another infomercial (this one for Kymarro Jeans..not sure when it’ll be on air)

  10. Hi, Stephanie
    Celebrations here this past week on my first gig through (voicing “Uncle Sam” for an animation produced by currentTV). Thank you.
    Also have played a put-upon father of the bride for a jeweler in Fargo, a pet owner for a veterinarian association video, a weasely “wiseguy” character for a pizza place in Jersey, the voice in four very lucrative tv spots for a cancer clinic in Knoxville, then wrapped up with week as a Walter Cronkite type for a corporate meeting video. …and that’s the way it is (and the way I hope it continues!).

  11. Hello everyone! Just booked a great animation and cartoon voiceover gig with Oliver Animation doing two alien voices. Was on hold just awhile back for a National TV ad and booked a narration for dvd for 17!
    Thanks Voices and thanks for listening everyone…
    Many warm regards,
    Wayne Pyle

  12. Eddie Eagle narrates the TV season premiere of “Survival School” on MOJO HD Network.
    And in recent work:
    I’m voicing the opening teases for Formula Drift that will now air on Speed Channel. The series made it’s first run on ESPN2 where I voiced promos for Formula Drift.
    The new 2008 season of Drift Style is now in production. I’m the Series Narrator for “Drift Style” a 7X30 HDTV Race Series.
    I’m also Web Series Narrator for The Spot Lab a 15 webisode series following up and coming spot directors challenged to make a new demo reel in 3 months with their own money that will be presented and critiqued by major ad agencies.


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