Man and woman giving a high fiveWe haven’t done one of these in a few months so I thought I would ask you about how your work has been coming along.

For those of you who haven’t been part of a Who Got the Gig before, it’s a community celebration centering around work that has been acquired in recent months, whether it’s been through an agent, a voice over marketplace or via your own efforts.
I hope to hear about all kinds of voice over projects you’ve been working on, been part of, or are looking forward to!
Comment with your news and let us know what’s been keeping you busy this summer.

What Sort of Voice Overs Have You Been Recording?

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Looking forward to hearing from you!
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  1. It’s been a good week. It’s not a gig, but the folks who made the iTunnel 3d iPhone app just got their trailer audio from me, and signed me up for the in-game VO and viral video. Maybe I’ll have to get myself an iPhone now.

  2. I’ve had some fun gigs via this past week including creating a custom jingle for, doing multiple voices on a sales project titled “Just Say No”, and a narrator part for a great ministry.

  3. You know, Kara Edwards had “tweeted” earlier in the week how business has really picked up. I have found this week, in particular, to be an extremely busy week as well…much busier than usual. I hope this is a sign of great things to come for all of us!
    This week I’ve had the humbling opportunity to voice 3 of 4 business promos for PGA Tour events…The Bob Hope Classic, The Transitions Championship and Deutsche Bank Championship. The reality TV drama Children’s Heart continues to do well and thus we have done multiple “tag” sessions for ABC, CBS, FOX & The CW affiliates around the country. Another job was for the American Pool Players Assoc., teaching folks how to score “Defensive Shots” properly. A Lightening protection company needed a couple minute promo narration. A really fun job was a “spoof movie trailer” for a church in St. Augustine FL…these things are such a crack up to do. In the midst of these, I continue to serve a company who provides onhold messaging/marketing to a 430 store chain across the US.

  4. Cheers, what a good idea.
    Well having decided to rejoin the VO game only a short while ago, I think I’ve been doing quite well. Quietly pleased. Done a helluva lot of self-marketing, networking, building more contacts.
    Doing a few reads for cable telly.
    Have been invited to audition for a cable TV station in the US, & for an in-flight contract with a big airline… cross fingers we’ll strike oil some time soon!!

  5. is the BEST!!!!!!!
    This week alone I did a well paying job
    for “HUNGRY HOWIES PIZZA” in the Mid- west
    I was Directed by about 5 people on a Phone patch
    It was a FUN spot to record!
    and ALDAWG.COM just Today! I landed thru VOICES.COM
    You have Tons of Auditions every week!
    and I know I’m improving just working on them everyday
    PLUS I’m Getting Work!
    All the Best!
    Joe McMillan

  6. I’ve had pretty good luck in the month of July. I provided the voice of Babu in the upcoming “The Mighty Jungle” Online game based on the CBC kids show of the same name. The game should be up on the PBS Kids Play site soon. Also, I provided the voice of Recorded some more Radio and TV commercials for Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes and I have a couple of more to record what will air in the Vancouver area. And I provided the voice of Grunge the Goat in “Grunge’s Big Adventure” for EdgeCore which can be viewed on YouTube at:

    There are a few more in the hopper, but they will have to wait for next time.
    Thanks Steph and the rest at for providing such a great site where VO talent like me can book some really cool gigs.

  7. Not a bad week. Voiced a character role for Ubisoft – Paris’ video game project “Red Steel 2”. Will go back later in August to do more than 640 “bruitages”, as the French say (i.e., fight noises, grunts, etc.), for the character. AND I got cast for 2 roles in an upcoming machinima production. The latter is unpaid, but I like the artform and it gives me a place to practice other voice characterizations and test their commercial value.

  8. Great to hear about everyone’s successes!
    Busy week for me as well… Voiced a video game, cartoon, and some historical characters for a DVD release.
    Here’s to more for us all next week!

  9. I had just finished the audio book, ‘Redeemed Israel, Reunited and Restored’ for Key of David Publishing, when a week later I won the audition on for a science fiction novella, ‘Victory’, an audio book being published by JimCin recording. Having finished that a couple of weeks ago, I’ve since been contacted by both clients and asked to record a second for each.
    Being fairly new to the VO adventure I’m ecstatic. With some great encouragement from Betty Zoller Seitz and having just gotten into Pat Fraley’s Billion $ Read, I feel like I’m growing in leaps and bounds and am really looking forward to future.
    I love doing audio books. What a chance to really develop as a storyteller.
    Blessings to all,
    Ran Alan Ricard

  10. Stephanie and company, you should be proud that all these folks are weighing in on jobs garnered through!
    I am just finishing up my very first audio book for Harper Audio, a novel called Amber Beach. I’ve been trying to break into this area for literally years–and I finally did it with! Also recently got a great job to read national radio spots for HealthMarkets–$2500 job–also through Hip–hip–hooray for the whole team there!

  11. Hey Stephanie! I put some finishing touches on a museum project that required American, British and Japanese accents-pretty exciting.Also voiced a children’s book entitled “Mikey Has a Problem”. Recently voiced a Japanese soccer coach for a S.African animation company as well as a couple of cavemen for a Massachusetts based company, a narration about homelessness in RI and a very evil space creature for Legacy of the Confederation.
    Love it!!
    Thanks : )
    Ed Mace

  12. Thanks for the blog!
    You are right Stephanie, we haven’t touched base on this subject for quite some time.
    This summer I have done a few commercials (radio) and a two- week solid run with voicing tags and weather forecasts for CKGL-AM/FM and CHYM FM/KIXX 106 radio stations in Kitchener (there I was ‘Steve Roberts’.
    I also kept busy voicing commercials and weather forecasting through cluster of other stations on the Bayshores of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, including Goderich, Port Elgin, Owen Sound, and Wasaga Beach with CFOS, Country 93, Mix 106, and others.
    You may recall I was asked to do this work last year – received great reviews about my ‘voice print’ and, well, the rest is history.
    I continue to work full time through our independent FM radio station here in southwestern Ontario while picking up odd gigs for the locals.
    One gig included emceeing a 2-hour event for a town comittee that paid rather well.
    It appears I am developing a following as well (so I am told 😉 and I may have a regular T.V. gig as a result.
    A producer would like to speak with me regarding a one hour program dealing with issues in the media.
    The second is to host a one minute heritage minutes of local history.
    Sounds interesting! I’ll keep you posted if you like after our soon-to-be meeting.
    When it rains, it pours! in this industry…good to be a working voicover artist!
    It’s also good to be linked up with an on-line marketing tool like – word gets around – and gets results!
    Maybe that’s why I’ve been with for nearly 5 years?
    Blair Wilson

  13. Hi I’m just starting out. I’v sent out 12 auditions so far through voices .com and not had any response yet. If anyone has a chance to hear my demo I would love some feedback. and advice on getting those first gigs. sincerely Marta Wood

  14. Has anybody else noticed that auditions in the past few days haven’t seemed to be process advancing? I have a few sitting with deadlines of 8/28 that still have not been working or completed. I literally have about 15 + auditions that seemingly haven’t been touched. Just seems odd, being that this stuff all usually moves pretty quickly. Meanwhile, I was in the middle of working on thing for a cage match commercial in FL with a deadline of 9/3 yesterday that was already cast by the time I submitted my file!
    Anybody else have a batch of submissions that you feel should have been moved on by now?

  15. Hi Mike,
    Thank you for commenting and I hope all is well with you.
    Isn’t it amazing how quickly some clients can cast? I hear you on clients who haven’t indicated that they hired someone once their deadline has passed. There are a few reasons why this could be:
    1. The client is still deciding who they wish to move ahead with
    2. A talent was chosen from the auditions but was not technically awarded the job
    3. The casting has been postponed due to unforeseen issues on the client end
    If a client does not click “Award Job” once they’ve found someone or indicate that they have completed the job, even if they had found someone and chose to hire that talent, the job’s casting status will remain open and it would appear as though a talent had not been hired.
    We follow up with clients whose jobs have not advanced to learn more about their experience and see if they picked someone but did not indicate it. If we discover that they did in fact hire a talent, we’ll mark the job as complete on their behalf.
    What you see depends heavily on how a client decides to use the site, and by virtue that not all clients use the SurePay service, award jobs, or mark their jobs as complete, the statistics you are seeing with regard to the booking ratio is somewhat skewed.
    It is through our persistence in following up that we come to learn of successes we were unaware of at 🙂
    I hope that helps answer your question.
    Best wishes,

  16. Thanks, Stephanie. Like I said, there a about 2.5 pages just sitting there…….seems like a lot for nothing to have happened at all. Hopefully, somebody at will indeed begin following up with some of the past ones so I know what is still pending. Sorry for the paranoia, but having worked with other sites, things traditionally moved along a lot quicker on the whole.
    Thanks again for the response!

  17. I’ve just is been voice cast as ‘Scotty Chase’, the lead character in a 22-minute Sci-Fi 3D animation: Scotty Chase 2075. Scotty is a highly intelligent and precocious 11-year old boy living with his family on a Mars space station. I’ve also landed three secondary VO roles, including Scotty’s brilliant father, Dr. Eric Chase. Dreamworld Arts plan to release the ‘Scotty Chase 2075’ pilot in 2010, with hopes for a complete series. Stay tuned.


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