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Last week, the Calgary Stampede was in full force (July 4-13), and at the event, there was a very special historical moment that involved voice over that I’d like to share with you. In addition to that, as we do every week, I’d like to ask you about the kind of work you lassoed this past week in the wonderful world of voice overs! There’s a lot going on in the biz and I hope to hear from many of you who’ve been waiting to holler your successes from the highest hilltops. Find out more about this special milestone and add your comments to this week’s edition of VOX Daily’s Who Got the Gig!

Voice Over History Made at the 2008 Calgary Stampede

The 2008 Calgary Stampede GMC Rangeland Derby was an historic chuckwagon event that marked the final time that legendary announcer Joe Carbury voiced his trademark slogan “ œAnd, they™re off. After a distinguished 45 years as announcer of the Stampede™s chuckwagon races, Carbury rode off into a well-deserved retirement after this year™s Stampede.

Hall of Fame Worthy

Joe Carbury was inducted into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame in 2003. Joe started broadcasting sports events in 1948, now 50 years ago, and to that end is one of the most recognized voices in sport in western Canada. The good old hockey game was his first love having broadcast well over 1,000 games from semi-professional to Junior.

The art of Play-by-play was a great passion for Joe, and over his career he performed play-by-play for the Edmonton Eskimos and the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League (CFL). Over his career, Joe Carbury announced at boxing matches, curling and a number of amateur sports including high school football. Joe Carbury broadcast over twenty-five thousand thoroughbred races and his distinctive voice has thrilled people from around the world at the Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby Chuckwagon races.

All in a Half-Century’s Work

I came upon this piece of information because I was driving to a friend’s last night and happened to hear an interview featuring Joe Carbury on the CBC. Before he announced at the Calgary Stampede, he started out in radio announcing sports games, and later found himself with a regular gig announcing at the infamous Stampede in Calgary, Alberta for a record 45 years. Talk about longevity!

That Being Shared, What Have You Been Up To?

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  1. Completed a Powerpoint narration for 1-MARK Consumer Products; I’d voiced a presentation for their sister company (Reliapon Police Products Inc.) a while back, and got the gig from their referral.

  2. Did a narration this week that came through for ORCA out of Canada.
    Also found out that my infomercial for Kymarro Body Shaper has made the top 10 in America on the infomercial charts! (Who knew they had infomercial charts?)
    And voiced another infomercial for Glamour Eyes. Not sure when it’ll air.
    Have a blessed week, everyone!

  3. I voiced 22 – :30-:60 naration scripts for PDI for a web-based presentation for users of the company’s Enterprise software product, plus on hold messaging for The Sheraton Hotel in Dubai.
    All the Best,
    Bobbin Beam

  4. Last week I did a fun character voice, a job I landed here at — a retro high society lady — for a jewelry company training video. It was made all the more enjoyable since I auditioned, recorded the final and was paid all in under 12 hours. What a pleasure!
    Best to all,
    Diane Havens

  5. Hey guys! This week was more for tying up loose ends and finalizing projects scored thru Voices last week! I had a huge training session for a company called PSI and within moments of listening to the final file, they released my funds! I LOVE it when it works! Great folks to work with so here’s to more from them! I also completed audio for the Venta Airwasher which will be running in all Bed Bath & Beyond store and Ace Hardward stores! It was a super easy gig and another great group to work with. Also completed an infomercial for Bumpits…a new hair accessory to help liven up your do! I have no idea when that will be running, but it’s going to be national as well.Also wrapped up more Associated Tax Relief phone numbers that run nationally. Needless to say last week was crazy busy!
    Congrats to all who had awesome jobs!!! And congratulations to all who had jobs at all!! It is finally picking up again so we can all breathe again!
    Blessings and have a great week!
    Kelli Casey
    “Pick The RED One!!”


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