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It’s the 4th of July (happy holidays Americans!) and also time for another round of Who Got the Gig.
What have you been voicing lately?

Without further preamble, what kind of voice over work kept you busy this past week?

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Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂
Best wishes,
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  1. Hi Stephanie!
    I have begun an exciting project that is likely to keep me busy all summer long and beyond. This past week, I was chosen to voice three audio books. The books are from William W. Johnstone’s best-selling Ashes series (beginning with “Wind in the Ashes”). If the first three audio books are successful, I will probably do another 30 or so books! One of the cool things about doing this book series is that I get to read a good book while I work – can’t beat that!
    Have a happy & prosperous week everyone!

  2. Hello Stephanie,
    Kudos to Scooter… nice gigs, man.
    Audio books is a direction I’d like to head in the future.
    As for myself, I recorded a very funny spot for Round Table Pizza. Got to be a used-car salesman 😉
    Hope everyone had a great holiday – cheers,

  3. Well hello! This past week I delivered the third fully produced, 60 sec radio ad for A Peace of Heaven Lodging in the Texas Hill Country. These ads should hit the air this summer in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.
    This is my first paying job since going through professional training with Lainie Frasier of Voice Works in Austin, Texas. I am still working on my first demo and will be searching for a talent agent soon. Wish me luck.
    Thomas Dunn
    “There are no magic words…
    There is only magic in your words.”
    – w.t.Dunn

  4. Good day Voices.com!
    The weather is fabulous this week-end, but I won’t see much of it because my two-week gig that began today.
    I am providing 10, 20, and 30 sec voice overs for 12 radio stations – simultaneously!! Gotta love file servers!
    The voice work is serving 3 southwestern Ontario stations and 9 Northern Ontario stations!
    Better yet – Like many voice over people, I’m able to provide this voice service via my home studio.
    Nothing wrong with a natural read now and again for this voice actor!
    Blair Wilson

  5. Hi Stephanie,
    I’m replying to the Who Got the Gig email. I’ve posted before.
    This week I narrated Episode 8 of Survival School, a 10×30 HD series that will air later this year. It follows US Air Force Airmen in their 6 month long SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) program. Something like you would see on The Military Channel.
    Did scratch tracks for The Ultimate Ride narration sponsored by Red Bull.
    Finished up another episode of the new 2008 season of Drift Style, Formula Drift’s Pro Championship Drift Racing Circuit. Currently the 2007 season is airing on RUSH HD http://www.rushhd.com/series/driftstyle
    Voiced a couple 30s for and Audi/BMW dealer and VW dealer in the NE.
    Great summer so far!

  6. Hi everyone! Having a great (holiday) weekend, I hope!
    I’ve been keeping busy with some long term e-learning course narrations in addition to outside studio narrations for Chevron and Exxon. I also did a vo for an animatic for Shell Oil, and voiced several spots for eye care & laser centers in Houston and Corpus Christie, Texas and Palm Beach, Fl. along with commercials for a jewelry store client. So, things have been popping!
    Thomas, I’ll be listening for your Hill Country spots here in Houston. (I love the Hill Country!) Good for you to get these nice gigs before even creating your demo! Sounds like you’re definitely moving in the right direction!

  7. Greetings to all, I have been a beneficiary of the power of Google, when a local corporate training producer, who had been using out of town talent for a number of years, tried one last time to find a local VO (there’s virtually no commercial production here), Googled Wilmington (NC) and “voice over”, and somehow up I came!!!! Interesting too because I recently had my website redone, and somehow it hasn’t gotten into the Google index yet, so Googling my name does not return my website, so am wondering how I got up there on his search!!
    So I am now doing a series of corporate training modules for TD Ameritrade! The producer is also submitting me for practically every single project he gets, including hopeful projects for Dominion (the big utility)! We’ll see if that comes thru, but in the meantime, it’s a beautiful day in the VO neighborhood.

  8. Last week… did more work for Oregon Forests. That’s turned in to a pretty regular gig.
    Also a handful of smaller VO jobs, and FINALLY finished HOw To Make Money in Voice-Overs Even If You Don’t Live in N.Y. or L.A.
    I’ve got a couple of audiobooks in the works for this summer… One is audio for a women’s devotional coming out soon, called “Lord of the Ringless.” It’s a Christian devotional for single women who want to be married. Author Dee Aspin. It’s not published yet… they want to release the book and audio simultaneously.
    The other book I’m not to talk about yet.


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