Ah, Friday at last…
We know what you were up to last week
What kind of voice over work did you do this week?
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It’s the weekend and the second run of Who Got the Gig!
Before you head into next week, be sure to let us know what kind of work you’ve been up — we’d love to help you celebrate life’s little triumphs along the way.

What kind of voice acting work did you do this week?

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  1. Hey Stephanie,
    Happy Saturday! I love this idea… it’s great to hear about other v/o people landing gigs.
    I did a session this past Wednesday at a company called Keyscan. I voiced 11 scripts on their product, ‘System VII’ – an access monitoring system. They are heading to a trade show in Las Vegas soon, and my voice will be on a loop describing all the features of ‘System VII’.
    The lovely folks said they’d have me back once they have ‘System VIII’ up & running!

  2. This was the week of easter spots for 4 different furniture stores. Nice, Happy, Spring is here, sounding spots. On the other hand I had to do some extermely “Hard Sell” spots for a couple of car dealers, man I just getting to old to scream like that. I’m thinking they could hire my EX …she could scream for hours…lol….just kidding gang. So nothing National just basic, bread and butter pay the bills, stuff.

  3. Got a lot of gigs last week, over 120 commercial reads for cable groups, corporate narrations and automotive agencies. Huge week…for the second week in a row. So maybe the economy is starting to come back a bit.
    Dave Mann

  4. This week: Long form narrations for Cisco, NatureRich, and IVR/Telephony jobs for Southern FL Orthopedics, Harton Regional Medical Center, Game Quest, Interplast (in Dubai), and MOH for Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite and 2700 N. Ocean on Singer Island, Fla.

  5. This week I voiced a commercial for Centex Homes in Middle Tennessee, and a training video for EXPRESS clothing company.
    Also, I hired some fellow VO’s to work with me on some commercials I am putting together for Goodwill Of Middle Tennessee!

  6. This week, I voiced the first of three GAIKING anime feature film length episodes for William Winckler Prods.
    Did five voices, a real good workout!
    Robert Axelrod

  7. Hi all,
    What a nice thing to share–Successes!!!
    This week, my very best client, CitiMortgage, had me narrating some more online training, I voiced a product demo for a new baby product, an Internet Fraud podcast for a company in Canada, a web intro for a new technology company (who paid instantly through PayPal–can you beat that?) a couple of cable spots through our local cable company, and best of all–I got to be the “Voice of God” for a corporate awards ceremony in Maui. No, I didn’t get to GO to Maui…
    Thanks for allowing us to share.

  8. Hi Stephanie,
    I did something this past week that I don’t often do – station imaging. Well, in this case it was for an internet radio station. The station owner requested 60 second “sweepers” containing songs of the 80’s, 90’s and today along with movie audio clips. Although there was only a small amount of voice work involved, it did give me a chance to have a little editing and mix-down fun! I would encourage everyone to take a chance and try something they don’t normally do. You might just find something else you are good at. I would love to share one of the cuts with you and our Voices.com community. I’d be happy to send a cut for Vox Talk or just for you to listen to for giggles if you would like.
    Great stuff Stephanie, keep it up!
    Tom Conklin

  9. I wanted to tell you that I was contacted this week by someone who found me on Voices.com, downloaded one of my demos, added it to his house reel which he was updating, and got selected by one of his clients to audition for their new project. (I was one of three people.)
    Still waiting to hear, but it’s nice to know the site is working for me even when I am out there working for others!

  10. Great to hear the SOME people are getting lots of work. I’ve gotten some as well, but not like Bryan commented “bill paying” stuff. I’d LIKE to pay some BILLS!!!! This is a good idea, although I find my ENVY fighting with my happiness for you who get LOTS of work!!! LOL!

  11. I had a nice week last week. I just joined Voices.com 2 weeks ago, and already landed 2 nice paying jobs. Thanks, Voices.
    I also did 2 spots for ESPN, one with Tony Romo, well I did the VO…LOL, the other as a toon character, for ESPN The House…pretty cool looking.
    Add in a phone message gig, a jingle and although not all my work was derived through Voices.com… I would say I’m off to a good start with Voices…
    Back to the auds…

  12. Besides all of the voice overs for trailers, IVR, radio advertising, jingle production and singing I did last week I find it more interesting to mention the job I denied:
    I refused to do a spot for a fur company.
    Doris Lauerwald


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