What did you do this week in the wonderful world of voice over?

Find out what this guy was up to and why he looks so darn happy here at VOX Daily.

Welcome to the third Friday of Who Got the Gig!
I heard from a very proud, blessed and ecstatic teacher, Pat Fraley, that one of his students, Chris Fries, had landed some work recording a voice match for Hollywood actor Thomas Hayden Church, a line to be featured in an upcoming movie trailer!
Congratulations Chris 🙂

Pretty exciting stuff, isn’t it?
In your downtime this weekend, or between holiday activities if you’re celebrating, let us know what kind of voice over work you’ve been up to or anything that you are looking forward to next week.

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P.S. Voice Over Instructors… do not be afraid to toot some horns! Let us know about the voice over work your students are up to — that’s how I found out about Chris Fries and his Thomas Hayden Church voice match — get your students featured on the next “Who Got the Gig”.

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Image © Chris Fries



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