Bill and Ted
Have you been up to anything, like, totally rad, dude?
Share your excellent adventure in this week’s edition of Who Got the Gig!

Yes, we have a penchant for the nostalgic era of the early 90s here at VOX Daily today… a special thank you to Bill and Ted for stopping by 😉

Have you had any excellent adventures in voice acting this week?

Leave a comment and let us know all about it!


  1. That picture is awesome!
    I had a speaking gig at the London Small Business Center this week. For 3 hours, we discussed blogging and how to set-up a blog using Blogger and how to use social media to attract readers to your blog, something you do very well Stephanie.

  2. Well, it’s not recent like this week, more like last year, but since we were in the 80s/90s nostalgia mode, I figured I’d mention my lead voice acting as Indiana Jones in the Pendant Productions Original story Podcast of “Indiana Jones and the Well of Life”. I play Indy, and it was a 9 chapter Podiobook. Lots of fun – it’s on iTunes as well.

  3. Yo Stephanie!
    I got a most excellent Video Game gig this week – recording next week.
    Can’t tell you much more than that, but it is uber-awesome!
    Whoa, dude?,

  4. I had an excellent adventure this week! I went to the Narrator Track of the Audiobook Publisher’s Conference in Los Angeles. It was awesome. Met some great audiobook talent, audiobook producers, and even landed an audiobook!
    I’m writing an article about their audiobook narration advice in the June issue of the VoiceOver Insider. You can sign up for it at It’s a free, once a month, Voiceover magazine… the premiere online magazine for voiceover talent in the WORLD! I hope you’ll join us!


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