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Well folks, it’s time to return to our regularly scheduled programming 🙂

What kind of voice over work have you been doing lately?

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Best wishes,
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  1. Hi Stephanie,
    Apparently some clients feel I’m quite the character (present company excluded!) April was a busy month for me. I did some work for the Smithsonian Museum(a talking microbe),Teen Fat Cats(character menu buttons), Kukoo Kitchen (10+ characters for children’s game), Dexon Knight (a wise old British voiced narrator/Dragon for RPG) and the awesome privilege to voice 2 great games at dSonic!
    Voices.com is a wonderful organization!
    Ed Mace

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    This week I was hired by ESPN Digital Media in New York to voice a piece on Japanese Baseball. I was directed via a phone patch in my San Diego studio by the Producer in Manhattan. I love working around the world and never having to leave home. I feel very fortunate.
    The ESPN client found me in your Top Ten list.
    Thanks for posting that!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Busy week for me! Thank God. My goal is at least one to two sessions per day, and so far so good. My other goal is to maintain long term gigs and relationships. Not just one voice over and done.
    I have developed relationships that keep my clients coming back. The key, is to always remain professional from the out set. From a well written intro, starting the session on time… delivering multiple takes… and of course a nice follow up thanks for the work email. Remember this is a profession and not just lets have fun.
    I did two sessions for Luxottica Optical, two sessions for Ford, three sessions for a chain of furniture stores in Sacramento, a session for Bank of Mexico, a session for a manufacturer of industrial conveyor belts in the Netherlands and capped the week with a character voice for an Italian Restaurant in Barbados… Buonisimo!
    Peace out! E

  4. Ok gang, I got to voice a video for a Hospital Food Service company out of the UK. Furniture and Auto Dealers took up the most time. BUT As some of you my know I was chosen to be the Host of a Nationally Syndicated Oldies Radio Program and this week I got to interview Don LaFontaine, Mitch Ryder, Felix Calviere(Rascals) and on Monday….. Steven Tyler. I was really pumped to have a little one on one time with The Don. The same goes for Steven.
    That’s it from the flatlander in Canada,

  5. Hey all,
    This week I snagged a series of promotional animations for a startup company. I voiced the 2 main characters, added a little music, and the client loved it. The startup is a service for car dealers to help them market through a 1-888 number. Neat concept, and fun project!

  6. Hi Stephanie,
    I voiced 2 commercials for Dunkins Diamonds. I just wrapped on a project called “Darkness” I am the voice of Tank; he’s a bad dude. i also voices a train engineer for Lionel trains and I was asked to read for the company Tumi through MultiMediaPlus.
    Thanks and have a great weekend,

  7. Hi Stephanie
    I’m quite the “Newbie” and thank you for Voices.com!
    I’m a creative person by nature, and work as a freelance writer and have always had an interest in voice over work.
    I submitted a script read interview via phone and just about fell off my chair when I was called with the good news that I got the job! The executive producer/founder said he was flooded with calls and I was by far the best they received.
    The day of the taping was such a rush of excitement – I was asked to listen to the voice over taping prior to my script just to see how to take direction. After 18 takes and an hour later it was my turn. The sound manager asked for a voice check, and I read the first script. Everyone stopped what they were doing, turned and looked at me from the opposite side of the glass. The producer/founder of the advertising agency stood up and said “You should be doing this for a living!”
    My script was done in 3 takes, and I was then given the announcer’s spot – which took another three short takes.
    Now I’m finding myself searching for information on how to get into the voice over business in the right way, and I am so thankful for the valuable advice and postings!
    I was told I could get a copy of my clip once the client approves the spot. It was a PSA for Massachusetts Dept. of Safety and Security – regarding buckling up, which will air on all MA radio stations this summer.
    They’re keeping me on file for future work and have also asked if I would consider commercial work.
    Thank you again for such a wonderful site that provides outstanding information for the new kid on the block, and seasoned professionals!
    – Brenda

  8. Hi Stephanie,
    Just a note to say that though I’m a long time voice-over artist and radio personality, I just joined voices.com and was very excited to get Alps Technologies as an on-hold client my first week out! Thanks for the opportunities and for being so helpful when I had questions.
    –Becky Lynn

  9. Hi Becky Lynn,
    Congratulations 🙂 I’m pleased that you’ve already found work through Voices.com. Here’s a toast to your continued success. Way to go!

  10. Hello! Just stopping by to let you know I just landed a job as the voice for an upcoming website burnfat4dummies.com I will be doing their educational video voiceovers as well. What a way to start a new month!


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