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It’s Time to Celebrate!

It’s the very last day of October, and for some of you, you’re reading this posting on the 1st of November. My goodness, between the start of autumn and the first brush of snow, how quickly time has flown by…
What was October like in your voice over studio? Any interesting gigs you’d like to talk about?
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How’d October Shape Up For You?

Just a reminder that all voice over work, including from your own efforts offline, gigs from your agents or work you’ve complete because it came from the voice over marketplace are welcome.
It’s not where they came from that matters to me, it’s that you got work 🙂

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  1. Hi Stephanie. I was really happy with things this month. A bunch of gigs, but one in particular that stands out. And they’re great to work with so far too! I’m now the imaging voice over at 1800hotels.com . 🙂 The job was a very pleasant surprise and I couldn’t be happier. I would never have heard of the project if it weren’t for Voices.com – so thank you! All the very best (and Happy Halloween!) — Jodi

  2. It was a very slow start to the month. In the last 2 weeks I’ve had over 46 commercials come in. Now I’m waiting to hear from ABC Radio Network on a MAJOR project. Also had a call back from Dreamworks…still waiting.
    Bryan Cox

  3. Hey Stephanie! Got some corporate vids, web presentations, e-learning courses, TV/radio spots including a big campaign for a new product, a couple of new clients from Canada and another one from Brazil, bought some new studio gear…
    I guess I can’t complain about October!
    By the way, a couple of those gigs came up thanks to my Voices.com profile 🙂
    Nice weekend everyone!

  4. Well, I actually got my first VO gig this month. I responded to an ad on one of the Facebook groups and am now working on an Internet based tutorial packages for an agency based in London. I’ve had some very positive feedback and some constructive critisism, which I have taken on board. I am re-recording some of the info that wasn’t quite right, but am looking forward to receiving more work next week.

  5. Happy Post Halloween Everyone!
    Great month for me… Amongh others, I landed two new video game gigs, and I got to sing for the LA Philharmonic (on a radio spot 😉
    I also launched a new Video VO Demo site with some samples from this year’s work at:
    For those in the US, enjoy the extra hour this weekend…

  6. Hi!
    October was a pretty successful month for me here. Didn’t really have time for much auditioning, but managed to land a re-do of a company voicemail system (this one within my first two days on Voices.com – very reassuring!) and a VO for a master’s thesis, both of these done from my home studio. The thesis job was really interesting – the study is basically researching the effect that the tone of a voice-prompted interview has on the interview results. So, essentially, it’s a study on the power of VO! I was also called in to a Manhattan production house for two regional TV spots. If this keeps up, I’m gonna have to MAKE more time for auditions… 😉
    Thanks to the Voices.com family for all the help and support, and best wishes for a happy, fulfilling holiday season!
    Chris Camilleri

  7. To Dale and those who haven’t landed work yet…hang in there… keep practicing. Sometimes it takes time!
    October wasn’t a great month, but not bad… I’d have to go look up what I did most of the month… Am I the only one who can’t remember what jobs she did last week?
    Did half a dozen narrations this week… including a few for an association of nursing homes in Canada. A few shorter pickups from previous clients, recorded and am in process of producing demos for a very good Spanish female talent, and still truckin’ away at an audiobook due in a couple of weeks, and have had to turn down a few lesser paying jobs because I just didn’t have time to do them! In fact, got so busy that I skipped a lot of auditions… that might hurt a little bit later on!
    I did land a client who wants to use me for monthly commercial campaigns. Haven’t voiced the first one yet, though.
    May ALL of you have a blessed November! By the way, the VoiceOver Insider should come out in a few days, so be sure to sign up at http://www.voice-overs.com!

  8. October was extremely busy with a diverse list of clients and projects. There were numerous Political ads voiced via ISDN as well as self recorded and uploaded, some very nice Corporate Narrations, Telephone projects, and a HUGE amount of E-learning Narration work for multiple clients. I spent most of my waking hours in my studio, including weekends!

  9. Happy November Stephanie!
    While October started very slow in my studio, things picked-up quite nicely over the past week…including 2 gigs thru Voices.com, and a couple of auditions in Boston this week!
    You’ll soon hear me as the voice of a new game show widget on a popular ‘networking’ site on the web!
    Things are really beginning to click…thanks to leads at Voices.com!!!

  10. Hey Julie! Yeah, I’m with you! When all of my work was in other professional studios back in the day, I used to draw a blank when someone would ask me later in the day, what I had recorded. Same thing happens now. I have to go back and check my invoices to see what I actually did. Like you, I didn’t have time for many auditions over the past several weeks….hoping that doesn’t contribute to a lull after all this activity!
    And to everyone, just as an aside, it’s so beneficial to have multiple avenues for jobs to find you. Voices.com is great, but you can’t sit back and expect everything to come from one source. Market, market, market! You know, I was just reading Vox Daily on “Not Getting the Gig” from the other day,(some wonderful stuff,BTW) and I’ve got to say, that I don’t get many private leads. Don’t know why that is. However, I’ve been in this business over 20 years, and I’ve stayed busy consistently, but I audition as much as I can via the public leads. Will there be that one big commercial that “launches you” as someone said? Well, maybe. We’d all love that! And if it happens that we may not all be “VO Stars”, many of us can still make a living and enjoy our work – and it does take work!

  11. October turned out to be one of my best months all year, which was filled with ISDN political commercials and voicing campaigns in Washington, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Ohio, Michigan and California, plus a number of gigs landed here at Voices.com, most recently with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society , Perfumania, and Belterra Casino. Keep pressing on. Have an excellent November, everyone.
    All the Best,
    Bobbin Beam, Voice Actress


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