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Have you obtained any voice over work that you’d like to share this week?
This is the place to toot your own horn, and boy, do I ever want to hear it!
Add a comment to let me know about what you’ve been up to this week in the wonderful world of voice overs.

Every week we come around the virtual water cooler to discuss voice over jobs that are going on in the industry. This week, I’m inviting you to share what you’ve been up to and also to take in the bigger picture of what goes on in voice overs by reading the comments left by your peers about the great variety of jobs that are being done here there and everywhere, all with voice over as the common link. It’s time to shake off the summer and get buzzing. The more people you tell about your success, the more will know about it and help you to tell the world.

What Did You Record?

Add your news by leaving a comment below. If you are reading this in your email, you can simply reply to me and I can add your comments on your behalf.
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  1. I’m humbled to say this has been a wonderfully busy week with a political ad already running in Florida (SUREPAY…thank you, the Juvenile Diabetes event Cyclebetes, narration for Collaborate MD which turned into additional work as well as another web promo about to get the green light (SUREPAY…thanks again, promos for the UNO Maverick Hockey team, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, a Toyota dealership in California as well as ongoing OnHold messaging for a contracted client who handles 430 stores around the country.
    With the political season cooking along and the holiday season quickly approaching, I do hope that all of us will be stocked up with sessions in the weeks ahead.

  2. Stephanie:
    Since I started VOICE-OVER Full time Last September!
    1..I Booked 2 Major voice over jobs with “LEGEND SOUND”
    in KOREA!(They Sure pay well) Contacted thru
    2..4 spots for NASHVILLE LIMO, NASHVILLE TN.
    4..I voiced a Promo for the New Book!
    5..ACTIVE IMAGINATION hired me to voice a spot
    for “MEAC”
    6 Also Did a New SUZUKI Spot for PIEPER VIDEO!
    I think My “NUMBER ONE” position on the VOICES.COM
    FAVORITES LIST Really is Helping!!
    WHAT A WEEK!!!
    VOICES.COM is the BEST!!

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    I can’t begin to match the two folks before me, but I’ve worked on some interesting jobs this week. By the way, congrats to both Brian and Joe–what a resume!!
    I began the week with some promos for the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, which tries to improve on the way humans and machines interact–very heady stuff, but so fascinating. Next, I voiced a 17 1/2 minute flash animation in a British accent for a new type of geothermal system for residential or commercial buildings. They are a new client out of New York and I hope to get more work from them in the future. Then another project from a client who came back after the first job I did for her. This was a new client, Oxfam, and the video narration is about “Saving for Change,” the initiative whereby small groups of women in Third World countries pool a small part of their earnings each week and when one of them needs a loan, they decide the terms and whether to provide the loan. LOVE the implications of this! There are two more video narration projects to follow from this client. And just today, my very best client, Citi, came back with a couple of web narrations. So I guess it turned out to be a pretty good week! I love to hear what everybody’s doing, and also to hear who got some of the jobs I auditioned for! Thanks for sharing, everybody!

  4. Hi Stephanie,
    This past week has been slow, however I have recently started a new full time job, so my timing to record voiceover has been limited.
    I am happy to share that a previous client invited me back to voice some promos, tags and spots for a number of radio stations once again! This was a four hour job because it again involved 12 different stations!
    This is the third round with the same client and he pays well.
    Keep up the great work over there on Collip Circle Gang! Much appreciated!
    By the way…a beautiful tribute to the king of voiceovers: Don LaFontaine was very well written. I’m sure he is in good hands and we’ll all miss him.
    Blair Wilson

  5. I had an most excellent week of voicing. Had a nice job for Disney’s Animal Kingdom doing my best African accent. Car spots for dealers near DC/MD/VA. Political early in the week for candidate over in Louisiana. Got some from and other places too. Played a “real person” talking about heath care and insurance for a web video. Voiced others too. Next week scheduled to do voiceover for Major University in Atlanta, GA. Being versatile and having a natural voice that sounds like Morgan Freeman sure helps. I thank God for these gifts.

  6. I will be recording a couple of spots for a Connecticut Hospital on Monday.
    When I auditioned for the casting director and clients (live), they didn’t like my first read, but after giving me direction, I reread the spots and well….
    Also, a project that I was almost selected for a few months ago, called me back to say that they wanted to use a woman instead of the man they hired. We are in the midst of contract “negotiations” (aka I am trying to put in a couple of sentences that protect me, the talent!). If he backs away because I have acted to ensure payment, etc., then the job was not meant to be! I am becoming better at handling the business side of the business.
    Stating my terms, instead of doing the job according to whatever terms the client proffers, is an important step for me.

  7. Finished a job yesterday that I really enjoyed but ended up being much more work than I expected. I’m only a year into this so I am still learning. I misjudged the job so I was definitely underpaid. Has anyone gone back to the client and asked for more money? I didn’t feel right going that route since. Editing and simply converting many (many) separate files took forever…but I learned my lesson!

  8. This week I finished up a very large training course for TD Ameritrade, started one for Dominion (the utility), and had a revision session over ISDN for an animated web film for Microsoft. I also voiced a TV spot for the Atlanta Greek Festival, and my new comedy song was released through the Funny Music Project (, in which I did a sort-of Bond villain voice and played all the instruments.
    Decent week fer sher….
    pro VO since 1990

  9. We’ve had a great start to our week. We’ve been invited to present at an eLearning conference (LearnX) in Sydney, Australia in April next year. We figured that as Voice Actors and part of the entertainment industry, we will give the audience of Human Resource Managers & big corporate management something to blow their socks off! Instead of the dry presentations they are used to, we’ll make them laugh and applaud – we’re working with copy-writers & film-makers to show them what great Voice Actors can do for their employees & clients!

  10. I’ve only been with for a month or two and am still looking forward to booking my first assignment through them! I’m so enjoying being sent all the project invitations… it really gives me a sense of how alive this business is and how many opportunities really exist!
    I have just finished up a couple of projects through contacts of my own… two training modules for an elearning company and another two modules for a local school system. I’m having a great time learning about the business.
    Thanks,, for all the great articles and advice!

    Last year I had the opportunity to produce a daily entertainment feature for a nationally syndicated network. This was a sweet gig. I asked the guy hiring me if I could put out word that I was going to be doing this and he said “NO, let our PR/Marketing handle any media announcement”. Control of product… I can appreciate that. I followed up by saying “Well, can I e-mail friends?” He said sure, so I sent out a newsletter-looking ‘blow of my horn’ to everyone in my contact book. Unfortunately, one of those contacts was an editor for an on-line radio industry website and he posted the info the very next day.
    Needless to say the employer wasn’t too happy about the ink, given the fact I was replacing a talent who hadn’t been told he was being replaced. Consequently I was dropped from the project.
    Happy ending though. The company contacted me 6 months later, after the dust had settled, and now I am helping with multiple projects in an on-going basis.
    Lesson learned: ask before you toot. You could blow a very sour note.

  12. Hi Everyone!
    I’ve had a good week so far. I voiced a Political Action Committee’s call-out spot, two spots for a company looking to hire HR people that I believe will be on the internet, and am heading out to a regional networking event this evening. Gotta get out there to shake hands and kiss babies, you know.
    Best of luck to everyone.

  13. Thanks to a listing on I was selected for a Movie Trailer type read (imagine that!)for website. This is one of those auditions that went about 6 weeks before hearing back from the producer. So keep the faith!

  14. Hi Guys:
    Catching a post from Steph on Facebook reminded me to post this here.
    I did a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for the American Red Cross. It was Pro Bono, my doing not theirs, to help raise funds for their Disaster Relief given the trouble the hurricane season is causing.
    You can find it here:
    I only ask that if you work at a radio station that does not have a PSA for the Red Cross in rotation or if you have a podcast or internet radio station on which you can play the PSA…that would be very cool.
    All copy and web site information on the PSA goes directly through the Red Cross, no middle man etc. There’s no fee to use the spot either. Its :60 seconds
    The bad news is the damage from the hurricane and storms that came after is more wide spread than even I thought. Ohio…of all places….is just getting back on its feet in places because of powerful wind storms that knocked off power for alot of people in that state for most of last week.
    The good news is I have heard at least one official Red Cross PSA asking for Hurricane Donations this week so maybe my PSA won’t be needed as much. My efforts are done as a stop gap measure until the national office gets going on their own production.
    Anyway, if you can use it, please do. And thanks.
    Best always,
    – Peter


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