Rainbow legs climbing ladder in the sky  | Voices.com Blog - Where clients and voice actors can find valuable information on pre-production, technology, animation, video and audio production, home recording studios, business growth, voice acting and auditions, celebrity voice actors, voiceover industry news and more! When I was young I was inspired by an unlikely teacher. He was brash and yelled a lot at the students. He didn’t take anything from anyone and, while his bouts of classroom fury were not projected in my general direction, it accomplished what I can only presume it was meant to do. I was intimidated.

To add a little perspective, I come from a quiet family. We never raised our voices. If for whatever reason we were mad we did not yell at each other. We discussed it, sometimes heated, but never loud. So his way of ‘reasoning’ with students was a little scary to me.
I have always had a vivid imagination. My dreams are dreamt with such clarity that in my pre-teens I started writing short stories of them and when I would have nightmares, as many children are prone to, I would end up writing thrillers or suspense stories.

One day our brazen teacher handed out a creative writing assignment. It was a short-story due at the end of the week and, naturally, under the pressure to write, creative inspiration completely left me.

I lucked out though. The night before it was due I had one of those vivid suspenseful dreams and when I woke I feverishly wrote it all down. I took some creative liberties to make it more intense and, well, longer to match the page count I needed. I wasn’t sure what my teacher would think of my story but it was the only one I had, so it would have to do.

I handed it in that morning and waited. A couple days later he approached me, which he rarely did, and squatted by my desk with a pleasant smile that I will never forget. He handed me the paper and I saw it was marked with an A+. I looked up at him, surprised, and he said “you have a natural talent for writing, Lin.” And with that he walked away. That one small comment from a most unlikely source of inspiration sparked a lifelong love of writing.

Can you relate?

It is incredible how impactful simple comments like the one that long ago teacher gave me can be on an individual’s life. As children they stick with us through adulthood and it reminds us of the importance of acknowledging others and the talents they have. Much like the feedback given and received once a job is completed at Voices.com, a few simple but impactful words can help spur the recipient on for years to come.

What inspired you to become a voice-over artist?

Was it a small comment from one person? Or was it a lifetime of hearing, “Wow! You have such a great voice!”?
Have you received feedback from a client that helped you stay the course and follow your dreams?. I would love to hear your stories. Please share them in the comments below.
All the best,


  1. Hello Lin,
    I was constantly told (by non-family members) that I sounded like a radio personality, or aren’t you that guy on the Biography, History, National Geographic Channel? This went on forever it seemed. So, when I retired from 41 years as an architect, I went for it. And, I must say that I’m doing quite well in voice-over doing Corporate & Industry Video Narratives including some Documentaries. My goal is to someday voice a documentary on one of those cable channels. This would be the ultimate success for me.

  2. Yep, it was just a little, bitty comment from a great colleague, Steve Slater. “Ronda, you almost are good enough to voice overs.” That’s all it took. 🙂 At that time I didn’t even know what voice overs were, but I do now!
    Forever thanks Steve! 🙂

  3. I had a similar experience. After submitting the final short story for my Creative Writing class in 7th Grade. Teacher Mr. Christiansen, took me outside the class. I thought I was in trouble.
    He handed my story to me with an “A” and said, “If you don’t pursue writing you will be wasting your talent.” It was the most memorable thing any teacher ever said to me. It inspired me to eventually write for a national magazine.

  4. Hi Lin:
    My experiences were similar to the Vox Daily story. A dear friend in an acting workshop kept telling me that I had such a lovely voice. She even wanted me to do a voice version of several books that she had written and published. Unfortunately, she died a few years ago so that never happened. Even when I was working as a genetic counselor, an individual in a facility that we dealt with quite often, would always say that with your lilting lovely voice, I wish that you worked here because, it would make our patients feel so much better.
    Just hearing things like that can provide any individual with a lot more confidence. I often hope that something very nice happens to them in return for their help, in not only my case, but, in all similar situations. I believe that we are all angels to each other, and these are just a few examples!!
    The same thing has happened with my singing. Without this same kind of positive reinforcement from “friends”, I doubt that I would ever have done any public singing.
    We all need motivation from some source to get us moving in the right direction.
    God Bless all the Angels in all of our lives!!
    Carol Hahn


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