Prince William and Kate MiddletonWill you be watching the royal wedding?

This question is being asked more and more as the date draws nigh. Many of the people I have spoken with will either be watching live or intend to catch the highlights afterward on television or via the Internet.
That being said, a number of people will be listening, even working behind the scenes to bring the royal wedding to the people.
Have you noticed any special voiceovers either promoting or narrating copy related to the royal wedding? Share your thoughts in today’s VOX Daily!

British Royal Wedding Promoted By US Voiceover Royalty

There’s a lot of pomp and circumstance that comes with a royal event, especially a royal wedding for the future king and queen of England.

Joan BakerI’ve been keeping my ear to the ground and discovered that many people within the voice over industry are contributing to the lead up to the wedding including promos on network television and more.

To cite just one example, Joan Baker (pictured at right), a ‘royal’ voice among the industry elite, is the voice of a number of royal wedding promos that are running on HLN.
More work of this kind will follow in the days after the wedding as the media gives a recap on the wedding and all it entails.

April 29, 2011: The Big Day

According to the official royal wedding site, the wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton will be available to watch on the Royal Channel Live Stream, accompanied by a live multi-media blog put together by St. James’ Palace.
You can also catch the wedding via the Royal Family’s YouTube channel located here:

Have You Noticed More British VO Jobs?

If you’re a British voice talent, I’m curious to learn if you’ve seen an increase in the demand for British voice overs recently with all of the attention the royal wedding has been receiving.
Secondly, if you have ever recorded a voice over for anything related to the British royal family, be sure to comment and let me know!
Best wishes,
Photo courtesy The Royal Wedding Site


  1. Yes, just watched the happy morning. What glorious music! Straight after The King’s Speech movie here in England, which packed all three cinemas in our nearest city, I rushed back to my mike and had a go at recreating George Sixth (successor to the Firth!), Edward Eighth and went on to Attlee, Churchill and others contemporary to the abdication.
    Fun and physicality – I dug out shirt and tie, stiffened my upper lip, listened to old BBC recordings, assembled some authentic recording crackle. Results? You can judge for yourself on the number two demo player at

  2. The Royal Wedding is a very pleasant event to view. It it is providing, for me, a temporary escape from viewing and hearing about all the turmoil that is taking place in the world today. I wish all the best to William and Kate.

  3. Yes, I have noticed that their has been an increase in work load lately who have been requesting ‘genuine’ British accents. I was however surprised that more companies didn’t take advantage of it. I loved watching the wedding this morning and grateful that for once their was full coverage on an event in another country, I got to see as much this morning as if I had been at home watching the good old BBC.

  4. I’ve picked up quite a few more gigs from the USA and Canada in the past couple of weeks, maybe it is due to the Royal wedding hype? I’m not complaining either way. Won’t be recording today though as I’m hosting a ladies only party from 10am, to watch and celebrate the wedding.

  5. Hi Stephanie,
    One of my favourite jobs is providing voices for the political cartoons in “The Times” on line in the UK. This weeks has of course been all about the Royal wedding. I have had to be the voice of 2 Royal Corgis as well as Prince Philip in the guise of a Corgi!!
    If you would like to see the finished animation by the very talented Morten Morland I would be pleased to send it over.
    All the best,

  6. This week I voiced a PSA about the 26 charities the Royal Couple would like donations be made to in lieu of wedding gifts. The audio is available at:
    If you land on the comment page click welcome and then audio in the middle to hear the PSA
    So glad to see the wedding went off without a hitch and Catherine looked so beautiful – but London was also the a main character.
    My hometown really shines on occasions like these.
    Best, Juliette Gray


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