Remember seeing the graphic above?
During the month of June 2010, clients who posted jobs and completed them at Voices.com were entered into a contest that qualified them for the opportunity to win up to $500 cash back on business conducted through our website.
After reviewing many fabulous jobs that were completed via our SurePay escrow service this month, we’ve decided to award the honor to Laurence Ardouin of Tribal Nova!
Find out more about why we chose Laurence’s job and also who booked it in today’s VOX Daily.

Congrats, Tribal Nova!

We would like to recognize and reward Laurence Ardouin of Tribal Nova for posting two video voice overs featured on the PBS Preschool web service.
This project was selected for a number of reasons including its reach and originality.
The voice over artist who booked this job was Veronica March.

About Tribal Nova

Tribal Nova LogoTribal Nova is a business leader in the development and capitalization of virtual worlds and video-on-demand environments for kids and tweens. Tribal Nova commercializes their own product, WoozworldTM a virtual world Web 2.0 UGC type for tweens from 9 to 15 years old, on several continents.

The company also operates web platforms that stimulate preschoolers’ curiosity in partnership with important players of the industry such as PBS in the United States (www.pbskidsplay.org), Éditions Bayard in France (www.bayardkids.com) and CBC in Canada.

Their expertise lies in the conception and marketing of interactive environments in relation to the needs of children as well as the parent expectations. Tribal Nova’s range of products and services are completely secure, edutainment and geared toward preschoolers as well as others in the intelligent entertainment category integrated to a community environment and oriented toward older kids.
All together, Tribal Nova’s products generate more than 2.5 million registered accounts since their launch.

Thank You

I want to thank all of the wonderful clients who post jobs with us and who hire our talent at Voices.com. We wanted to give back in some way to recognize and reward our customers and are grateful to the opportunity to do so!
Congratulations again to the team at Tribal Nova on a superb project.
Best wishes,
Stephanie and The Voices.com Team


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