Voices.com We Say It For You
After reviewing some amazing slogan ideas, the time has come to announce the winning slogan.

Choosing The Perfect Fit

When we were going through all of the wonderful slogan submissions, we were looking specifically for a slogan that appealed to people buying voice over services that also resonated with voice over talent while communicating exactly what it is that we do at Voices.com.

The most basic description of what happens at the site was conveyed in a number of ways by a variety of people through their comments, and in the end, it all came down to the right verb, its tense and how it was used to express the essence of the voice over marketplace.
Four verbs that we were very interested in were Talk, Say, Listen and Hear.
The two verbs that did battle in the end were Talk and Say.

We felt that “Say” was particularly good for conveying a message en masse or individually and also noted that “Say” or “Saying” was closer to “Speak”, “Speaking” and “Speech” than were “Talk” or “Talking”, an important distinction considering that people associate voice over with “spoken word” recordings.

Winning Slogan: “We say it for you”

Congratulations to Andy Boyns of the United Kingdom! We have chosen Andy’s slogan to help brand Voices.com going forward.
What made us choose “We say it for you”?
Andy’s “We say it for you” was immediately obvious, and although a great many slogans easily identified with Voices.com, many of which were witty or edgy (and awesome on a t-shirt!), they could have been interpreted in more than one way. Our main goal was to stay on message and Andy Boyns has helped us to do just that!

This slogan also shares with the reader that they will be served, and if the reader happens to be someone who is selling their services, it suggests that they can also sign up to promote their voice, validating the statement in the slogan on another level.

“We say it for you” is reassuring and takes the weight off the customer’s shoulders. The slogan assures them that hiring a voice talent is easy, and once they’ve found someone to record their script, it’s a totally hands-off experience for them, allowing them to relax and enjoy the creative process without being directly involved in the recording.

You’ll note as well that “We say it for you” comforts customers and gives them peace of mind, after all, they’re working with a professional voice over talent at Voices.com who can get the job done and deliver something that they can be proud of. At Voices.com, we’ve always believed that our customers are voice talent members and the people (also members) who use the site to hire our voice talent.

We always put our customers first.
Bearing that in mind, it is very important that we recognize both of our customer sets. This slogan embodied our purpose and mission simply and beautifully, inclusive of buyer and seller, unifying the voice over marketplace.

Thank you everyone!

We’d like to thank all of you for presenting your slogans, blessing us with your creativity, and willingness to share how you feel about Voices.com and what we can do for you.
Now, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… the voice over community rocks and I’m so pleased that you are part of it!

If you’re reading this in your email or RSS reader, thank you for subscribing to VOX Daily, and for those in social networks, thank you for being part of our Facebook group The Voice Acting Hub, Fans of Voices.com, a friend on MySpace, following us on Twitter and for being our most ardent supporters.

I’d also like to say a special thank you to Julie Williams for her assistance spreading the word about this contest and donation of her wonderful resource “How To Make Money in Voice-Overs”, which Andy Boyns will be receiving in the mail in addition to a 1-year Premium membership to Voices.com.

Any Comments?

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes,


  1. I’m speechless! opps – wrong message! No really… I’m amazed and privileged to have had my slogan chosen.
    Looking at the list there were some skillfully written slogans… congratulations to us all for contributing, if we didn’t wouldn’t the world be a silent place.
    Thankfully we can tell the world that: We say it for you 🙂
    You don’t have to be speechless, “We say it for you”

  2. Congrats Andy! This was a whole lot of fun and I enjoyed being one of the finalist considered. I think the right choice was made 🙂

  3. Congratulations Andy for a well-deserved win! The slogan is simple and to the point!
    Well done!!!
    And to Voices.com – this was a lot of fun! Sure got the creative juices flowing 🙂

  4. Just getting caught up on Facebook – so better late than never. Congrats Andy – simple but so, so, so effective.


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