Do you own a business? How did it start?
What was your reason for going into business for yourself?
Every company has a ‘brand story.’ But did you know that your startup story could make compelling content for your customers?
By creating a video to tell the story of how your company went from concept to fruition, you are able to humanize your brand and become more than just a corporate entity.

When consumers can relate to your business on an emotional level, you will instill trust with them and build loyalty with your brand.
Join VOX Daily as we take a look at how explainer videos can help you tell your story.

Keep it Short and Sweet

An explainer video is a fantastic way get your story out there. But you don’t need to pack the video with an in depth account of how your business got started. Simplify the story to keep it short and sweet. Your video should entertain the viewer while at the same time help them understand what your company does and why.
Creating an explainer video will:

  • Help customers better understand what your brand does
  • Demystify your business
  • Spark conversation
  • Generate new leads

When people are browsing the net they tend to prefer watching short videos that are compelling and shareable.
Using animation in your video is a good way to get your message across in an entertaining way. Also, if you’re not exactly a seasoned spokesperson then it will save you from having to appear on camera yourself.
Make use of a marketing agency who will help you conceptualize your video and bring your story to life.

Identifying Your Brand’s Voice

Once you have a concept for a video you will need to identify your brand’s ‘voice.’
The right voice to represent your brand is an important part of the process. The voice you choose will be embedded in the minds of the viewer. When they think of your company they will hear that voice. So when trying to decide on the style of voice you would like representing your company, consider what your company stands for, your company culture, your staff and how they interact with your customers.

Is your company young and hip? Innovative and daring? Fun and outgoing?
Descriptive words like these can help you identify the tone of voice that will guide your customers through your story.

Have you used video to illustrate your brand’s story?

Has it helped your customers identify with your business?
We’d love to hear about it! Tell us about it in the comments below.
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