If you’re looking to enhance your voice-over with music YouTube has stepped up to the plate with its new instrumental collection of royalty-free tracks.

The video giant recently launched the YouTube Audio Library containing over 150 royalty-free music-beds that can be used “for free, forever, for any creative purpose (not just YouTube videos),” said the Creators Blog.

While the site currently offers content enhancing tools, including 150,000 audio tracks, users are unable to download or remix the songs. The new Audio Library makes it easier for audio and video producers to get creative with the available music, while avoiding any copyright hassles.

YouTube says they searched “far and wide” to find the best quality tracks to launch with. They are continuing to accept original submissions from musicians who are interested in helping them expand the library so, while the library is quite small at this point, it will likely see rapid expansion. All submissions are vetted by YouTube first before being accepted into the library.

The YouTube Audio Library is found in the Video Manager under Creation Tools when logged into an account. The tracks range from centuries old Classical music to modern Hip Hop beats and are organized by Genre, Mood, Instrument, Duration, and Favorites. They are downloaded as MP3 files at a bit rate of 320 Kbps.

Whether you’re creating a voice-over demo, video, film, video game, or you’re a musician wanting to get your music heard, the YouTube Audio Library will prove an extremely useful resource in the digital media arena.

Source: YouTube


  1. This is long overdue and I’m psyched that they are accepting submissions, I just emailed them about including my royalty free music at danosongs, I’m looking forward to hearing from them! Best, Dan-O


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