Celebrity Sightings

Celebrity Sightings

You don't need to go to Hollywood to find star-quality voices - Voices.com has them right here! You may not have heard of them, but you've definitely heard them. Check out the talent you're about to fall in love with (and can hire for your next project!).


This talent allows everyone to enjoy some great tv.

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Music fan? See the face of one of the voices behind its biggest night

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Love Lego? Good. You'll love the voice of their new ads, too!

Hear more from Maya  ►




Everyone's favourite big purple dino is on Voices.com!

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What do the characters of Spiderman and Starlord, from Guardians of the Galaxy, in Marvel's apps have in common? This voice artist.

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He's got a cool sound - and you can hear him the next time you call into T-Mobile's Customer Service system! 

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This talent's voice is nice and soft - just like the Downy web videos she voices.

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Air Wick

Air Wick is the fragance of your home, and their brand voice is a breath of fresh air.

Hear more from Tricia  ►

The Price Is Right

You might recognize him from The Price is Right, but did you catch his cameo in How I Met Your Mother?

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The voice of the new ads is as good as the root beer - and that's saying something!

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When you hear her, you'll know exactly why she's a voice for a Disney Channel Original Series, Shorty McShorts Shorts. You can also hear her in the new Shopkins ads!

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WestJet Airlines

Fly with WestJet - and this voice.

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Follow the Raiders? You've probably heard this voice

Listen to more from Sam  ►


Glad's ads are on point - just like the voice of this talent, who's often referred to as the "professional girl next door." 

Learn more about Becky  ►

Rosetta Stone

Heard of Rosetta Stone? Probably in this accent.

Hear more from Toby  ►



PGA Tour

Golf fans might recognize this voice of the PGA Tour.

Check out BJ's bio  ►

Garnier Fructis

You've definitely heard this voice - she was the voice of the national Garnier Fructis ads for 14 years! 

Hear more from Kim  ►


Dora is going on an adventure - and this voice talent brings her to life in the interactive game "Dora the Explorer's Easter Adventure." 

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The Oreo Wonder Vault ad has some extra magic to it, thanks to the poetic narration of this voice over pro!

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National Geographic

Considering a trip to Mars? This is the voice of National Geographic's recruitment videos for space travel.

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Dominos Pizza

When Dominos released their video on deal pricing in new markets, this guy-next-door delivered the message.

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