“ offered us a large choice of voices, from which we chose the one that best met our needs." ~ Alessandro Benedetti,

The Challenge

  • Almaware, a young Italian IT company based in Bergamo, was about to launch a crowdfunding campaign for its new product,
  • is an electronic device for home automation, an innovative approach to domotics. You can control electronic devices tied to your house, such as lights, shutters, or your thermostat.
  • Almost every crowdfunding campaign is based on a video that explains the vision and the challenges around the product to be launched.
  • Their first effort at a video was surely genuine but they soon realized that Almaware would need to use an experienced professional voice over service to help them localize the voice-over to their target audience.
  • Almaware's challenge was to find an outstanding voice over service to narrate their video.

The Solution

  • “ offered us a large choice of voices, from which we chose the one that best fit our needs.”
  • “The best thing about is that most of the actors has posted a little preview of our text, and not a predefined demo. And, of course, the prices are very good!”

The Results

  • A professional voice completely changed their video, garnering a lot of positive feedback.
  • The number of visits and contacts confirmed that was the correct choice.

Key Statistics

Web site: Almaware
Industry: Information Technology
Size: Small
Region: Bergamo, Italy

About Almaware

Almaware is a young Italian IT company based in Bergamo. Our willingness to offer high-quality and innovative products led us to design

Pull out your smartphone from your pocket and you can see it for yourself: it is as big as a standard gang box, it can connect via wireless to the Internet and to other devices, and has the computational capability of a computer. From those premises grows the idea of