Hayden 5 says Voices.com is “Efficient, High-Quality, Affordable”

Hayden 5

“We tried Voices.com, and have been hooked for years; we won’t use anything else” – Todd wiseman, president & co-founder, Hayden 5


Hayden 5 is a multifaceted media company producing creative video content, direct to brand, and with agency partners. Formed by NYU dorm buddies who began working together in 2005 at Hayden Hall in Washington Square Park, they’ve created campaigns which generated over 30 million views and participated in the Tribeca Film Festival. 

Before Voices.com

Five years ago, the team behind Hayden 5 was doing the hiring for any and all of their voice-over needs for various client projects entirely through talent agencies. While working on projects such as national commercials, music videos, web content, television shows, and feature films, this meant a lot of leg work.

“Working through agencies and management companies was expensive, and far too time-consuming for the type of quick turnaround work we wanted to be able to do for our clients.”


Partnering with agencies meant that Hayden 5’s clients were getting very few, and very costly, options for their projects since they could only work with what the agency had on their roster. 

The Solution

The team tried casting projects themselves by coordinating in-person voice casting, but to no avail. So, when a friend mentioned working with Voices.com, Todd and his team decided to try something new.

When new to Voices.com, the team went the self-serve route. The President was impressed that even the company’s newest hires were able to jump in and start creating job postings for clients.

““It was all really simple, and posting a job cost absolutely nothing. Even getting auditions for our clients to consider and select from were free. Instant results, and we got to set our own budget…this was key for us.”


Self-serve eventually led to Professional Services for Hayden 5 as the company started to experiment with different options for getting high-quality work done for their various clients. After being connected with an account manager for Hayden 5 everything immediately got taken to the next level for them. 

The Voices.com account manager acted as an extension of the Hayden 5 team to make sure that projects and corresponding scripts got turned around really, really, fast. Not only that, but Todd and team loved that their account manager could rely on their extensive knowledge of the talent and industry to curate the top auditions. Going from 100 to their top 5 was a big time saver.


  • Overall cost-savings
  • Access to global talent outside the NYC market
  • High-quality and efficient voice talent selection
  • Ability to shift focus from studio work to international campaigns

“Our clients are happier than ever before because they are getting exactly what they want – a specific type of voice or performance – quickly. Such a thing really wasn’t possible before Voices.com. We, with our clients, like efficiency and hate bureaucracy and wasted time.”


About Hayden 5

Hayden 5 is a multifaceted media company Hayden 5 produces creative video content, direct to brand, and with agency partners. Taking projects from development through production and post, Hayden 5 carries with it the notion that creativity is instrumental to a great product and is so real, you could reach out and touch it.

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