“Our clients rave about the quality of voice overs we send to them, and without Voices.com, we could not do that.” ~ Don Radhay, Kukuzoo

The Challenge

  • As an explainer video production house, Kukuzoo’s main focus is to make their clients’ messages clear and accessible.
  • Don and his team know that as important as the script is, a clear voice over narrative is just as important. Finding the right voice over for their clients was becoming a tedious task that took up valuable project development time.
  • Kukuzoo works with all kinds of organizations, such as startups, research centers, car dealerships and app developers, and they constantly need a variety of voice over personalities to suit these different industries.
  • Every client’s brand is so different that the voice over personality needs to fit each brand well.

The Solution

  • “Voices.com gave us a place where we can easily find a variety of voice over artists, all by simply posting a project we are working on.”
  • Kukuzoo was able to request a specific personality or attitude that would fit the feel of the explainer video for their client, and then receive auditions based on that requirement.
  • Don reveals that “the voice over auditions are fast- we no longer have to manage 15+ dedicated voice over sites,” which is exactly what they were doing before finding Voices.com.

The Results

  • “Before Voices.com, we spent a lot of time looking online through Google and Twitter to collect a group of Voice Over artists, and each one had their own special process that we had to follow. It was a headache to keep track of.”
  • Kukuzoo reveals that, often, they almost hoped their clients would have a VO already in mind, just to take the pressure off of locating the ideal talent so that they could focus on creating the video itself.
  • “When we finished writing a script for our client, we could contact each VO separately. When you have to get up to 15 auditions out to your clients, you’re managing 15 different voice over processes. Plus some of the contacts we have may disappear overtime, and so we then have to spend even more time reaching out to even more voice actors.”
  • “Some of the voice overs we came across were not of the best quality, and it’s never easy to get unbiased reviews on voice over artists when you’re going through their own dedicated sites. Not until we discovered Voices.com did we truly solve every single problem plaguing our process.”
  • Voices.com was Kukuzoo’s first experience in seeing that finding high quality voice overs didn’t take loads of time or cost a lot of money.
  • “Before Voices, it took us about a week or more to get through the voice over process of our production and now with Voices, this process is cut in half and takes only 2-3 days, maybe less. Our clients rave about the quality of voice overs we send to them, and without Voices.com, we could not do that.”

Key Statistics

Web site: Kukuzoo
Industry: Explainer Videos
Size: Small
Region: Mississauga, Ontario

About Kukuzoo

Kukuzoo is an Animation Studio specializing in Explainer Videos. They help organizations of all sizes to communicate their messages in a simplified way. Kukuzoo’s goal for every client is to unlock the true understanding of their business, idea, products, services or apps. The company has an especially keen ability to increase engagement and interest in Startup companies.