Little Rock Foodcast

“I give a lot of credit to for helping me set the tone with my audience.” ~ Steve Shuler, Little Rock Foodcast

The Challenge

  • Little Rock Foodcast was creating a podcast, and needed a professional voiceover talent for a permanent show open and tag.
  • The opening of any show, either audio or video, is hugely important. It hooks your audience, reinforces your brand and sets the tone for the rest of the program.
  • Steve Shuler, host of the Little Rock Foodcast, reveals “I needed a voice that would match the podcast’s feel and provide instant credibility.”

The Solution

  • “ was an extremely user-friendly service that helped me pick the voice that would best suit my needs. I was able to listen to all of the talent and invite the ones I felt were best based on their sample recordings.”
  • Steve invited about ten people to read for his project.
  • “The one who ended up winning, Melynda Sims, actually wasn’t one of my three favorites. But when I heard her read my intro and tag, it was perfect. It was my podcast and brand personified.”
  • “ made it easy to find the talent I needed, get my product, pay and leave feedback, and finalize the deal in less than four days. I was truly blown away by how effective and simple the process was.”

The Results

  • This podcast is a hyper-local program about Little Rock’s food scene.
  • Steve turned to for help before even launching his product, committing to making sure that everything was in order and polished before he began sharing his foodie podcast with listeners.
  • “Feedback from the audience has been universally positive, and several radio stations have inquired as to how I found my voice over talent!”
  • “What can’t be measured is the level of professionalism and credibility Melynda added to my podcast. From day 1, that introduction set the tone that this podcast was serious about quality and polish.”
  • So far, The Little Rock Foodcast has been downloaded over 2,000 times in under a month.
  • The host is thrilled with the results: “These results tell me that people respect what I’m doing and take the podcast seriously, and I give a lot of credit to for helping me set the tone with my audience.”

Key Statistics

Web site: Little Rock Foodcast
Industry: Podcast
Size: Small
Region: Little Rock, Arkansas

About Little Rock Foodcast

The Little Rock Foodcast is the only podcast talking food, drink and culture in Little Rock. Their goal is to promote the Little Rock food scene by growing the food community and introducing food lovers to the chefs and restaurants making excellent food in the city.

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