DJ Rorok

“What I really like on is that you can review what the talent submits to you, and you can review it all before finalization. That, and how the payment is setup. I feel it’s also a very secure, and professional way to do business; there are no gimmicks.” ~ Tyler Brescia, DJ Rorok

The Challenge

  • Tyler Brescia, also known as DJ Rorok, was in need of a rebrand.
  • After recording monthly DJ mixes and uploading them to Soundcloud, he took a small break to invest more time into developing himself as an artist.
  • Still continuing with monthly mixes, he felt compelled to add more. As such, a full on intro was necessary as were vocals to go with the introduction to make it memorable.
  • Referrals were leading nowhere fast and DJ Rorok was having trouble finding a great voice at a reasonable price.


  • DJ Rorok noticed a post on Facebook by a fan who stated she'd been doing all of her work through
  • He decided to research more into it and gave the service a shot.
  • Loving the fact that he could get quotes within his budget, DJ Rorok found everything from there on in to be a breeze. The vocal talent, Nikkita Bradette, did an amazing job and communicated well. Bradette made sure her client was 100% satisfied with the work.


  •  “The results were perfect. You go onto, talk about your project, and what you need done, and what you're looking for. I love the fact that you can pick your budget as well, and a deadline. While working with Nikkita through, she sent me one sample to see what I thought. The talent wanted to make sure I was 100% satisfied before we continued with anything else. She also recorded a few takes, and included those as well. The communication was great, Replies were almost instant, and everything was complete way before my deadline! Nikkita also included a few extra samples as well as a 'Thank you' for using, which I thought was very generous and kind. I don't think I would have gotten that great of service anywhere else.”
  • “ also hosts your samples that are sent to you, so if you ever happen to lose them, you just log on and re-download them. That can save from any mess later on as well, and I think is an amazing feature to the website.”
  • “Once I was 100% satisfied and approved everything, I sent the payment, then the talent approved it, and I was able to download the finished product.”
  • "After adding the vocals to your mix as well to the intro, it seemed much more professional. It makes it unique to you. Definitely stands out amongst other up and coming artists."

Key Statistics

Web site: DJ Rorok
Started: 2009
Industry: Music
Genre: Hardstyle
Influences: Noisecontrollers, D-Block & S-te-fan, The Pitcher, Zatox, Frontliner, Adaro, Ran-D
Location: Tampa Bay, FL
Interests: DJing, Hardstyle, Hardcore.

About DJ Rorok

Being influenced by some of the biggest hardstyle artists today, Rorok has been dominating dancefloors for the past four years. Anything from Raw, Uplifting, to high-energy, you'll never know what he plans to play next. His dedication for the scene started in late 2008 after being introduced to hardstyle on a online radio show. He has shared lineups with some well-known acts such as Jen Lasher, Beattoven, Rabbit, and more. Growing more and more in the hardstyle scene, Rorok plans to redefine the meaning of hardstyle and fill the crowd with energy.