The Seventh Channel

"Deadline met, job done. We are very happy customers!" ~ Frank van Rotterdam, The Seventh Channel

The Challenge

  • The Seventh Channel, a brand new cloud service, which includes a push notification manager, was being launched. To do this, Frank van Rotterdam, the Founder and Owner, and his team needed a set of instructional videos to demonstrate the value proposition.
  • It was realized just before the product launch that although they could create the videos, voice quality was an issue.
  • Frank explains: “No native speaker was available to us in the Netherlands, where we are based, to engage for the project, and US-based resources within our network could not provide the sound-quality needed.”
  • The Seventh Channel then turned to for help.

The Solution

  • The advertising agency that was supporting the campaign, directed Frank and his team to
  • “After a quick scan of the site, we uploaded our script and auditions started. We were impressed that auditions came in within a day and within budget.”
  • They selected David Kaplan for the job.
  • “Next to a great voice, David was also able to deliver everything to us extremely fast!”

The Results

  • “Thanks to, we were able to get a set of instructional videos with excellent voice-over quality,” Frank says.
  • The voice over was completed, and the instructional videos were ready days before launch, freeing The Seventh Channel up to complete the other tasks on their to do list.

Key Statistics

Web site: The Seventh Channel
Industry: Mobile Marketing
Size: 25 Employees
Region: Dordrecht, Netherlands

About The Seventh Channel

Formed by a dedicated team with a passion for mobile whose mission is to inspire and to advise how to use the mobile channel in contemporary marketing, The Seventh Channel brings push notification to the marketer. This is achieved by removing all technical barriers and creating a full  cloud-based solution.

With many years of experience in the mobile sector, and supporting dozens of mobile campaigns per day, The Seventh Channel has solved those technical and operational barriers for using push notification in the marketing mix. Their solution enables the marketer to fully benefit from this very powerful channel. 

Empowered marketers reside at: Vodafone, Lebara, and Total, among many others.