“We didn’t have to hire an agency. We did everything in house, and never had to leave the office. We wanted to make sure that the voice we chose could match the mood and feel of the product. Voices.com helped us find the perfect voice talent for the job." ~ Chris Karnes, TicketLeap

The Challenge

  • TicketLeap, a service for selling tickets, needed a convincing voice-over recorded to help advertise their newly developed iOS app.
  • Competing with companies the likes of TicketMaster, TicketLeap creates useful, likeable content to differentiate their service.
  • Being "diifferent and cool" means their products are getting better all of the time. Their voice needed to reflect that reality.
  • TicketLeap needed a voice talent to work within their budget and provide a high quality solution.
  • With lots of talent in-house, but no voice talent to speak of, Voices.com was the obvious solution.
  • Chris Karnes relates, "I had worked for an agency before where I had put many projects through the site. When this project came up, I immediately knew that I wanted to use Voices.com again.”

The Solution

  • Were given control of finding the right person to help with their project. After posting a job, TicketLeap was able to find someone who was high-quality, inexpensive, flexible, and approachable.
  • Provided with 100 auditions in 2 days, their marketing department of 3 people chose the talent.
  • TicketLeap was able to be hands on and communicate with their chosen talent directly.
  • As a company that serves theatres and the entertainment industry in general, TicketLeap was excited to hire a voice talent who was also a stage actress.
  • Pleased to use talent from an industry they serve daily; "Voices.com made it full circle for us!"

The Results

  • Launched an entirely new product from this project.
  • The iOS video enjoyed an average engagement of 75%.
  • Jumped from 175 clients to 237 clients within the first month of posting the video.
  • There were 996 new signups in the month of August, before the video was launched. In September, TicketLeap had 1258 signups, experiencing unprecedented growth.
  • Great return on investment and everyone was pleased. TicketLeap's voice from Voices.com pushed the project over the top, citing, "...it was was pure professionalism."
  • The marketing team's first project/campaign, their video was the perfect way to make a splash.

Key Statistics

Web site: Ticketleap
Industry: Event Management
Size: Small
Region: North America (USA and Canada)
New downloads: 1,100
Updates to app: 11,000

About Ticketleap

TicketLeap is a do-it-yourself system for ticketing and event registration that showcases your event online in the best possible light. Sell tickets quickly, track sales in real-time and get people talking about your event from one unified system. TicketLeap enables event-goers to connect with one another and buy tickets to your event with ease.