“It was a superfast delivery of the result within 24 hours, in any format I wanted." ~ Armen Matosyan, T-Tag

The Challenge

  • Canadian long-distance communications provider T-Tag needed a voiceover for their advertising animation, as well as IVR recordings for their telephone PBX system.

The Solution

  • T-Tag explained that they “decided to use because of the collection of the best talent across the globe, in different languages - all easily accessible in one place.”
  • Able to listen to the talent and decide which voice is suitable for their specific project, Armen and his team got to post their project, receive bids and select a talent that fit their budget.
  • “It was a superfast delivery of the result within 24 hours, in any format I wanted (IVR recordings, for example, require specific lossless audio format), and the great web-interface was intuitive, which made managing the project easy.”

The Results

  • “This is not the first time we used Last year we recorded a number of voiceovers for our animations and voice prompts.”
  • Professional voiceover is one of the keys to success both for T-Tag’s website animation ( and for the voice prompts their customers rely on while using their telephone calling systems.
  • “We will recommend anyone doing a project that requires voice over to use, and we will definitely be returning to the site for more projects this year!”

Key Statistics

Web site: T-Tag
Industry: Long-distance communications provider
Size: Small
Region: Woodbridge, Ontario

About T-Tag

T-Tag is Canada's rapidly developing long-distance communications provider. We integrate web and telecom technologies to deliver innovative telecom products and services to Canadians. Our flagship product - ttag - makes every long-distance call local and connects customers with their friends, family and business partners anywhere in the world at a fraction of cost.