Blanca Aguilar

About Us

I'm a 3D animation student from Costa Rica and I'm currently doing my graduation thesis which is a 3D short film. A teacher recommended this site for the voices of my characters.


Dogen Eyeler to Blanca Aguilar for Job #198615 Remember (3D short film, young boy narration)

Blanca is fantastic to work with! Her attention to the details was remarkable. Her initial direction was so perfect we only needed one take. Thank you Blanca! Highly recommend working with her.

Aug 28, 2016


Ed Mace to Blanca Aguilar for Job #196472 Remember (3D short film)

Where do I begin? In all my years of recording voice overs for clients, I have never experienced someone so dedicated to a project . Here is a unique individual who clearly expressed what she needed in detail She spared no words often explaining at length exactly what she was looking for in a voice. I've worked with clients in the past who were sometimes vague in their direction and creative visions making my job all the more challenging. Blanca personified the exact opposite of this. Her lines of communication were always open. This unfortunately is often a rarity with many. I would work with her in an instant if she ever required my voice again. Truly a pleasure.

Aug 18, 2016