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Internet Video

Chloe Taylor Voice to for Job #359245 30-Second Internet Ad for MedMal Insurance

Great working with MedMal - thanks!

Nov 11, 2019


BobbyDVO to for Job #358432 Event Intro VO - Game-Show Host - Male, Excited, Energetic

Always great to work with you!

Oct 24, 2019

Internet Video

Jason Kappus to for Job #351532 Hospital Promo VO - Male, Compassionate, Caring, Genuine

Lisa and Dmitry MAKING IT HAPPEN around here! Thanks for taking great care of everyone.

Oct 22, 2019


Tom Harris to for Job #358149 RUSH ASAP!!! - English and Spanish VO - Online Video, Male, Approachable and Friendly

Nice job, very straight forward and simple direction.

Oct 15, 2019

Internet Video

Sarah Gardner to for Job #352942 Product Overview VO - 1.5mins - Trustworthy and Educational

Wonderful working with you!

Oct 9, 2019


James Seawood to for Job #346076 NFL- INT'L PLAYERS WEB SERIES - Middle-Aged Male - 20mins

Always a pleasure.... Another one in the books!!

Oct 9, 2019

Internet Video

Jacques Derosena to for Job #356546 Creole Male Voice Over

This was a fun Project to work on with great people and grateful for the opportunity!!

Oct 8, 2019


Jed Williams to for Job #353465 Two short VO's - 15s+30s - Male, Middle Aged, Freeman/Eastwood type voice

Fun project, great communication, dream gig to be able to knock this out quickly and painlessly! 5 STARS... A+++... and a GOLD RIBBON for this awesome team, thank you for the work!!!

Oct 1, 2019


Heather Smith Voiceovers to for Job #348192 Online Video - 90secs - Female, Caring and Genuine, Positive

Very communicative, great direction - so easy to work with!!

Sep 20, 2019


Victoria Hogan to for Job #353683 Internal Video - 15mins - Female, Caring, Sincere, Informative

Sep 19, 2019

Internet Video

Shoestring Studios to for Job #348677 EPL Marketing Script - 5-7mins - Male, British, Energetic, Articulate, Engaging

Great, prompt communication, so knew exactly what was needed from me - professional! Looking forward to future projects!

Aug 20, 2019

Internet Video

James Seawood to for Job #347120 All-Access with the Carolina Panthers - Training Camp - Male

Great communication! Kept the workflow on track and multiple parties informed over tight time-frames and multiple deadlines! A+

Aug 20, 2019

Internet Video

Katherine Kennard to for Job #347595 Corporate Profile Web Video - 90secs - British Accent - Female

A pleasure to work for :)

Aug 6, 2019


Mike Vincent Productions to for Job #346622 VM Recordings - 3 recordings - 1min total - Male and Female 25-35yo

Jul 29, 2019


Mike Baird to for Job #343696 Pure Fishing - Business Promo - Middle Aged Male

Dmitry was great! Very nice and easy to work with. Hope to work together again soon!

Jul 18, 2019


voamME Services Inc. to for Job #342341 Informational Video Narration - Male 35-50 - 1min - CBRE | FacilitySource

Thanks Jess, great working with you again!

Jul 3, 2019


Jed Williams to for Job #343696 Pure Fishing - Business Promo - Middle Aged Male

Easy to communicate with, great direction, fun project. Thanks for making this a breeze Dmitry! 5 STARS

Jul 2, 2019