Drew Maw

Bethel Media Redding, California, US

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Commercials, Promos Sr. Director/Producer at Bethel Media


Jesse Adam Studios to Bethel Media for Job #265495 City Project Promo

Dec 10, 2018


Charles Parker to Bethel Media for Job #253169 Global Ministry Promo (North American, British, Irish, Scottish)

Great working with Drew. Long audition process but he was able to use the audition audio for the project. Thanks!

Nov 21, 2017

Internet Video

Sheldon Roberts to Bethel Media for Job #232439 Public Safety / Police Fundraising for City Promo

I'm blessed to have been able to work with Drew and the team at Bethel. I love everything they do!!

May 5, 2017


Tiny Lion to Bethel Media for Job #229643 Promo for Online Church Course

Great to work with you! I look forward to seeing the final! Thank you again and I look forward to working with you in future!

Jas Patrick

Apr 17, 2017

Internet Video

Brian Stivale to Bethel Media for Job #202703 Church Music Conference Promo

TRULY A PLEASURE TO WORK WITH!!! A genuine professional with a true understanding of the artistic heart. I would be happy to work with Drew again anytime.

Sep 27, 2016


Renaissance Man Studio LLC to Bethel Media for Job #197897 Church Conference Promo

Great working with you! Can't wait until the next project. Please leave feedback if you have not already done so.

Sep 5, 2016


Bryson Carr to Bethel Media for Job #194634 Real Estate Commercial (Local/Small)

Wonderful to work with!

Aug 19, 2016


Shane Morris Inc to Bethel Media for Job #190679 Conference Intro Film

Drew knew exactly what he wanted out of me which makes my job and his so much easier! Thanks Drew!

Jun 20, 2016

Internet Video

Jason McCoy to Bethel Media for Job #73286 PodUnite

Drew was excellent to work with! Great script! Great direction!

Mar 20, 2013