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Pete is an independent author and has been writing stories, scripts and fanzines for sixteen years. In that time he has released the novels, ‘They Grow Upon The Eyes’ in 2008, ‘The Doom Of The Hollow’ in 2011 and 'The Unforeseen Children Of Olive Shipley' in 2013. In 2014 he released two short ghost stories, 'Thank You For The Music' and 'Goet'. After attending the MET Film School in London in 2015 to learn more about screenplays, he has returned to the short story format.
He has contributed music reviews, articles, features and interviews for www. and
He lives in England and is currently working on 3 new short stories, a film script and his next full length novel.


Kate Walsh to The Paz Workshop for Job #172016 The Brazen Suite Sample

Peter was brilliant to work with. Excellent communication and really clear direction. Thanks!

Feb 23, 2016


Rosemary Alldred to The Paz Workshop for Job #172015 The Unforeseen Children Of Olive Shipley Sample

This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience from beginning to end. Great script, fantastic characters, and Peter is a terrific fellow - very patient, and really good at offering feedback and direction. I'd work with him again in a heartbeat.

Feb 20, 2016


Kate Walsh to The Paz Workshop for Job #172014 Thank You For The Music Sample

Working with Peter has been a joy.
Fabulous script and really clear direction. In addition to this, speedy communication makes Peter a dream to work with.

Feb 16, 2016

Audiobooks to The Paz Workshop for Job #99429 Goet

Great writing and excellent collaboration throughout. Peter trusted me to work with him on his 'baby' as we reshaped it for a new medium. It made the project all the more artistically satisfying. I look forward to working with him again sometime.

Mar 28, 2014