Erin McCallum (McCallum) London, Ontario, CA

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Julie Ann Solomon to (McCallum) for Job #243569 Julie, Your Voice Requested! Repeat Client

Aug 15, 2019


Speaking Matters with Mindy Williamson to (McCallum) for Job #240776 - Clear, knowledgeable voice needed for online learning course

Jul 3, 2019


Anatol Silotch, MD to (McCallum) for Job #252575 - Exciting, informative voice needed for local :30 TV spot

Erin and Jess were awesome! Looking forward to working together again soon, ladies!

~Anatol Silotch, MD~

Apr 16, 2019


Skye Publishing, Inc. to (McCallum) for Job #230296 Voices - trade show video

Fantastic Job - Clear communication!

May 23, 2018


Bobby Butler Voice Artist to (McCallum) for Job #238884 VOICES.COM - Upbeat, confident voice needed for product launch video

Apr 11, 2018

Internet Video

Jon Carter Voice Overs/Megahertz Studios to (McCallum) for Job #243231 - Narrator voice needed for Kickstarter video


Mar 28, 2018


Jason Kappus to (McCallum) for Job #247710 - Conversational, professional voice needed for business presentation

Feb 5, 2018

Internet Video

Christine Newberg to (McCallum) for Job #248134 Voices - Internet Video (warm, friendly, confident)

Always a pleasure working with the Voices team!

Jan 23, 2018

Internet Video

Jason Kappus to (McCallum) for Job #247003 - RUSH- Scholarly, mature voice needed for online videos

Thanks Erin - and Jessica of course! Always a pleasure!

Dec 27, 2017

Internet Video

Megan Kelly Hubbell to (McCallum) for Job #248824 Voices - 30 second online spot

So easy to work with!

Dec 8, 2017


Justin D. Torres - Owner of JDT Voiceover to (McCallum) for Job #247016 Justin, Your Voice Requested! Repeat Client

Always a pleasure!

Dec 6, 2017


Justin D. Torres - Owner of JDT Voiceover to (McCallum) for Job #236819 - Warm, Energetic Voice Needed for Local Radio Spots

Amazing to Work with!

Dec 6, 2017


Janice Harper to (McCallum) for Job #242670 - Conversational, knowledgeable voice needed for training video

Loved working on this project! They were very thorough in every aspect...especially the pronunciations of the medical terms! Friendly and easy to work with! Thank you so much, and I hope to work with you again soon!!

Nov 22, 2017


Voice On The Run to (McCallum) for Job #243034 - Warm, Excited voice needed for Local TV Spot

A pleasure to work with.

Nov 15, 2017


RWM Express to (McCallum) for Job #242674 - Conversational voice needed for training video

Really fun job and great people to work with. -- rwm

Oct 30, 2017


Conner Evans VO to (McCallum) for Job #252351 - Assertive, Manly Voice needed for tradeshow video

Oct 19, 2017


Paul Carter to (McCallum) for Job #246675 - Deep, knowledgeable voice needed for 3 animated videos

Always a pleasure, and such a great crew to work with!

Oct 12, 2017


ExtremeCom to (McCallum) for Job #252349 - Charismatic, appealing voice needed for online real estate video

Oct 12, 2017


Elizabeth Ficocelli to (McCallum) for Job #246929 - Caring voice needed for local tv commercial

Oct 12, 2017

Internet Video

Matt Olson to (McCallum) for Job #238700 - Authoritative, warm voice needed for web content

Oct 11, 2017