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FireTrigger is a production & post-production facility that prides itself in the delivery of cutting-edge, highly effective deliverables. - On time and on budget. By exploiting the latest technology and an innovative workflow, FireTrigger is able to deliver production value that exceeds industry standards as linked to expenses that are normally associated with production values of that class. That means we can do more for less and give you access to the highest possible production value.

For Business-to-Business clients: An unique and flexible work model is implemented at the core of our operations, that allows our team to amalgamate with the production teams of our client's for specific specialized project needs, and thus offer a direct access to specialized services that would seldom be affordable for agencies or production facilities to maintain in-house. Many of our B2B clients have reaped the benefit of stepping up their game plan with awards and recognition with new clientele, due to work that they were able to deliver to their clients with FireTrigger fusion in their team.

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Audio Advantage Ltd. to FireTrigger Inc. for Job #261211 ADAM:Security

Great to work with you!

Feb 13, 2018


Toni Ross to FireTrigger Inc. for Job #152888 Conquering the Dream

Great to work with and gave amazing direction. Hope to work together again

Sep 10, 2015


GeigerVoiceTalent to FireTrigger Inc. for Job #152068 Woman in a Man's World

Clear direction. Great feedback on initial read. A real pro.

Aug 27, 2015


Christian Michaud to FireTrigger Inc. for Job #112846 1418_PrideSeeds FRE

Very nice to work with Francois. Fast and professional. I wish you to work with him

Aug 15, 2014


Jay Kennedy to FireTrigger Inc. for Job #98677 1349_Pride Seeds

Excellent communication.
Fast payment.
Very easy to work with.

Apr 17, 2014

Internet Video

John Nelson to FireTrigger Inc. for Job #64725 IJM: Stop it Together

Oct 15, 2012


Daniel Azulai Bittencourt to FireTrigger Inc. for Job #32949 1107_Centennial-PRT

It was great working with Francois. It was my first time recording for Canada. Good experience.

Feb 8, 2012


Adriana E Molina to FireTrigger Inc. for Job #32950 1107_Centennial-SPA

Information provided for this job was simple and succinct which allowed me some room to be creative and add my own color. Thank you for the opportunity.

Mar 28, 2011


RMX Radio. to FireTrigger Inc. for Job #32950 1107_Centennial-SPA

Great to work for. Clear and simple requirements. Explained fully. Highly recommended!.

Mar 28, 2011


BENJAMIN GOETSCH to FireTrigger Inc. for Job #32957 1110_Centennial INTRO

These folks were very clear in what they wanted in their product. This was true in both the job description and feedback with them during the job. That is always helpful in a client!

Mar 28, 2011

Internet Video

Gigi Shane to FireTrigger Inc. for Job #26195 VPCL Web Video

I regard Francois Driessen, founder and creative director of FireTrigger Inc., as a highly professional and appreciative client.

Oct 7, 2010