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japan to Antifreeze Design for Job #337567 PRS Animation Translation to Japanese

They are very reliable client. The reply to the email was fast, and the work went smoothly.

Jun 6, 2019

Internet Video

Faith Renee Kennedy to Antifreeze Design for Job #147105 Precocious 6th grade girl

Our first bad experience with a job. We wanted this project to be great, so we continued to work with Greg even though we thought it was starting to ask a bit too much. We finally figured out he is probably not very experienced with voiceover. Not a bad thing in itself, but more issues came up from it and in the end, he gave us not so good feedback either. Where all of our clients have given us 5 stars (that says something in itself about our experience on this job).

We went above and beyond, and made ourselves available and basically on call for this job for 4 or 5 days. We answered messages promptly, turned over requests promptly, worked with his time constraints promptly. We did an ABC take voluntarily, without being asked. We didn't know there was a rush job when he hired us, but it was due asap, so we made ourselves available at the drop of a hat during a holiday.

He gave explicit direction, telling us which words to emphasize, etc. After following his written direction exactly on a complete 1st take, he then consulted with his client and totally redirected the emphasis. We did it again for him for that reason only. After re-submitting, he surprised us with a 3 min limit. We would have edited it down to take out a whole lot of dead space to accommodate... had we known. He was matching it to a video which we had no access to, so how could we have cut it down for him and he had told us from the beginning that he would be cutting space out of the takes. Very confusing.

There was a lot of miscommunication on the job and back and forth between him and his client. His complaints didn't make sense. He agreed to recording in mono, but then later complained that it should be stereo. We were only recording one voice.

This job should have been directed with both Greg and his client on the phone and his client should have been notified that the voiceover contract was for only 2 pickups, so they needed to work with us timely and efficiently. I think his client felt free-reign on the project and that cornered Greg.

Anyway, not a good experience. Our first with

Jul 12, 2015


Ginny Harman to Antifreeze Design for Job #126212 TTTCardio

Great working with you Greg!
Have a Happy New Year!
Let me know if ya ever need anything else!

Dec 31, 2014