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HigherSelf is an economic and social lifestyle that encourages us to follow a way of life in which we pursue personal, material and social success in a socially responsible way. The premise of HigherSelf is that we should all strive to do “good” in our daily lives, and to do no harm in our pursuit of such successes.


Amanda Sellers to HigherSelf for Job #83170 2 brief scripts

Jun 16, 2015


Melissa Silvestro - A Well Trained Tongue to HigherSelf for Job #83129 Short Call to Action Scripts

Working with Utak is a delight! Her support and encouragement of your efforts coupled with her passion and enthusiasm for the project ensure an exciting and rewarding experience. Don't miss any opportunity you have to partner with her. You won't regret it.

Aug 9, 2013


Amanda Sellers to HigherSelf for Job #64926 Call to Action Video Scripts

Utak rocks! What a great experience. I look forward to working together again. Thank you so much.

Nov 14, 2012

Internet Video

Amanda Sellers to HigherSelf for Job #54684 Whiteboard Animation

Utak is a fantastic client to work for. I am so thankful for the opportunity. Best of luck with everything!! Hope to work with you again sometime:)

Apr 27, 2012