Jolene Vandekolk (Jolene Vandekolk) London, Ontario, CA

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Daryn Johnson Voices to (Jolene Vandekolk) for Job #211401 Voices - Atlanta Braves Scripts

AGAIN...The Atlanta Braves...what more can I say about this project; I loved every minute of it! Thanks to Jolene and rest of the crew for putting it all together!

Apr 3, 2020


Julie Ann Solomon to (Jolene Vandekolk) for Job #222586 - IVR new record due to hour change

Aug 15, 2019


Jo Martins to (Jolene Vandekolk) for Job #280607 VOICES - Portuguese Talent - Isaiah

Jun 28, 2019


Soundtrap Productions to (Jolene Vandekolk) for Job #280608 VOICES - Portuguese Talent - Terry

Thanks!Great project!Very funny session:)!

Aug 23, 2018

Internet Video

Rachel Esposti to (Jolene Vandekolk) for Job #263894 - Engaging, Professional - Online/Business Explainer Video

Many thanks for your help on this great project!

Aug 18, 2018

Internet Video

Rachel Fulginiti VO to (Jolene Vandekolk) for Job #248459 - Upbeat, Friendly - Online/Business Usage

Aug 15, 2018

Internet Video

Keith Korneluk to (Jolene Vandekolk) for Job #291648 - Friendly, Confident - Internet Video

Jul 3, 2018

Internet Video

Michella Moss to (Jolene Vandekolk) for Job #288802 - Upbeat, Warm, Young Adult - Internet Video

A pleasure to work with!

Jun 5, 2018

Internet Video

Bobby Butler Voice Artist to (Jolene Vandekolk) for Job #254981 - Upbeat, Helpful, Not Rushed - Online Spots

Apr 11, 2018

Internet Video

Red Facilities to (Jolene Vandekolk) for Job #261225 - Engaging, Confident - Online/Internal Business

Mar 29, 2018

Internet Video

Red Door Voiceover to (Jolene Vandekolk) for Job #235895 - Strong, Authoritative - Online Video

With Jolene's competent help this project went incredibly well! What a pleasure to work with her and her client.

Mar 21, 2018


Richelle Marquardt to (Jolene Vandekolk) for Job #264949 - Bubbly, Professional - Internal Business Video

Mar 21, 2018

Internet Video

Ben Blankenship Voice Imaging to (Jolene Vandekolk) for Job #229586 VOICES.COM - RUSH, EXPLAINER VIDEO

Mar 2, 2018


WB - to (Jolene Vandekolk) for Job #243664 - Professional & Engaging - E-learning

Very nice working with Jolene.

Feb 28, 2018

Internet Video

Angie McGhee to (Jolene Vandekolk) for Job #262336 - Engaging, Professional - Online/Business Explainer Video

Feb 22, 2018


Arlen Chitty to (Jolene Vandekolk) for Job #252688 - Arabic Male Authentic Accent in English - Documentary

This is the second occasion to work with Jolene which has established an excellent working relationship for success.

Feb 17, 2018

Internet Video

Carlos Vicente Voth to (Jolene Vandekolk) for Job #265757 - Friendly, Professional - Online Vids

Always it´s a pleasure work with Jolene. Thank you

Feb 12, 2018


Gurnzilla Creative to (Jolene Vandekolk) for Job #242878 - Horrified, Somber - Documentary

Thanks for letting me part of this really cool project! Would love to do more like this!

Feb 7, 2018


Dave Jackson to (Jolene Vandekolk) for Job #259264 - Serious/ Friendly - Internal Business Video

It was a pleasure working with them!

Jan 29, 2018

Internet Video

Andrea de Alva to (Jolene Vandekolk) for Job #265758 - Warm, Friendly - Internet Video

It's a real pleasure to work with you! Thanks a lot!!

Jan 26, 2018