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Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer airs on KABC AM790 Sunday nights 7-8 PM heard from Ventura County to San Diego. Although the pretext for this show is employment law, the style of the show is more shock jock, pure entertainment with a ting of law. Karl Gerber was specifically recruited for this program which may become the next big talk show. We seek out the most unusual, sensational case examples. Old episodes of the show can be heard at: https://workplacelawyer.org


Amber Beard to Employment Lawyers Group for Job #285058 Play a Phone Sex Operator

This was a really fun job! As it was a live broadcast, it was an exciting and refreshing change from the usual voice over job! Karl was super professional, open to creative input on the role and a lightning fast payer! If you get the chance to work with him, do!

May 7, 2018