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Woojer is the only matchbox-sized, wearable device that reproduces the rich, immersive experience of sound which is lost when using headphones and delivers it to where it belongs - directly to your body!

Movie Trailers

Live Video, Inc. to WRNTY for Job #142503 2.0 Trailer

Kfir Bar-Levav is a truly professional and a pleasure to work with, looking forward to seeing the finals and to working together again soon!

May 17, 2015


Ma Xiao Studio to WRNTY for Job #77849 WRNTY + SupeRep Chinese

Great client! Very happy to work with! Thanks Kfir!

Aug 6, 2013


Kevin Lockhart to WRNTY for Job #61646 What is WRNTY?

Great working with you again!

Sep 6, 2012


French voice over to WRNTY for Job #46999 SupeRep French

Nice work and very good cooperation. It was a pleasure working with Kfir.
Cordialement. Olivier - your french voice

Jan 25, 2012


Nowereland to WRNTY for Job #46899 SupeRep Italian

Jan 13, 2012


Kiko Hdz - Voice Over to WRNTY for Job #46897 SupeRep Spanish

Great working with KfirBar-Levav ... excellent communication. Thanks

Jan 13, 2012


Kevin Lockhart to WRNTY for Job #45504 kfir's project

Great to work with you on this project! Thank you!

Nov 15, 2011