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Manos Gerogiannis and Yannis Zoumakis


Maria-Eleni Sfaellou to J for Job #376432 Probiotic

Mar 5, 2020


Louise Saint-Claire to J for Job #348157 City Collage

Manos was fantastic to work with, really great direction. Thank you very much.

Sep 13, 2019


Katherine Kennard to J for Job #332400 Language Test

A pleasure to work for. Thank you

Jun 25, 2019

Internet Video

Peter Young to J for Job #330104 European Union

Manos made working with him really easy. An absolute pleasure to work with with clear instructions about what was needed. Thanks so much for hiring me to work on you project. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Apr 2, 2019

Internet Video

Brian Stivale to J for Job #324572 Journalism - English Version

Feb 14, 2019

Internet Video

Emily Gubler to J for Job #286197 Health Application

It was really great working with you! Let's do it again soon!

Jun 1, 2018


Alexandra Pavlidou to J for Job #174392 Water Project - Plain English

Dec 12, 2016

Internet Video

Freemanvoice to J for Job #205822 Crazy Seeds

A pleasure!!!!

Nov 4, 2016

Internet Video

Helen Clapp to J for Job #178908 Network - Female

Loved working with Manos, great instructions, really easy to work with!

Apr 4, 2016

Internet Video

David Johnston to J for Job #142317 New App

Excellent client - easy to work with

Jun 10, 2015

Internet Video

Mark Landis Voice to J for Job #122564 POCKET WARP

Thanks for the job and for the professionalism. It was a pleasure to work with you and hope we can work again in the future!

Nov 4, 2014

Internet Video

Sam Williamson Voice Overs to J for Job #108017 To the Moon

Great artistic director. Pleasure to work with.

Jul 26, 2014


Tony Reeves to J for Job #63155 Jachalay

One of the more "off the wall" projects I have done! But perseverance has produced a great result for all of us:)

Nov 17, 2012