Matthew Suib

Matthew Suib

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Greenhouse Media is a small production company working with art and culture organization to design, produce and present art and educational media.


Carmen JE Jones to Matthew Suib for Job #303070 Flow

Really nice to work with. Easy to understand direction in the type of read that was needed from the very beginning, which made my job very easy!

Oct 2, 2018


Fervid Media to Matthew Suib for Job #229885 Fast Find Grid

Matthew was a great client! I hope he posts again soon.

May 4, 2017


DeeBee Inc to Matthew Suib for Job #172668 Library PSA

Wonderful client!

Feb 22, 2016


Doug Hamilton to Matthew Suib for Job #109282 Nova Zembla

Good communications, very professional, a pleasure to work with!

Jun 12, 2014

Internet Video

Dan Gold to Matthew Suib for Job #107867 Exploded View

There are only 5 5tars above but I'm leaving 5ive more ... * * * * * ... for Matt!!!
Challenging project but lots of fun!!
Thanks, Matthew!!!

Jun 2, 2014